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Monday, January 31


Have you ever lost something ? Something that means a lot to you ? Something that really important ? Something that you'll never get back ? Ever ? Something that .. Unexplainable .

No , sweetheart . I am good with my boy . We were fighting last few days ago , but now everything is completely okay .
I have made up a promise , so I'll keep on with that promise :) Oh yes I'll dear ;) My love towards you never ever changed . Sorry kalau a few weeks nie I mcm nak tak nak layan you . I really didnt mean it :( Sorry .

When you lost something that you know you will never get back even you have tried so hard , it is heartbreaking . Isnt it ?

p/s : Sometimes when we hold something too tight , we will end up losing it .. 

A Loner

Teehaaa ! Aku rindu nak nyanyi lagu nie ngn kau dlm class :\ Atiqah , I miss your cute laugh dear :) hahahaha ,

I'm so bored right now . Got nothing to do . So I guess I'll update my blog since I'm missing in action for a few days :) School holidays ? I'm stuck in my own house . My schedule is way to packed . Its really kinda tired but what can I do . I'm having my major exam which is really important . New look for my blog :) Almost 3months tak tukar layout =D malasss duhh nak cari . Hahahaha , okay now on blog saya takde lagu :) Hahaha . Biarlah malas nak cari .

I was thinking 'Gahh kenape sume clash ?' Durhhhh -.-'' Tk syok doh . Errr , 

Me : Weh , aku sedih :\
Nana : Apesal ?
Me : Semua break , aku je still on :'(
Nana : alaa kau terus je lahh kan­ ­ , takkan kau sedih pasal kau on diorang break­ ­ , kau nie apahal tetibe ?­ ­
Me : Aku sorang je :'( Tak best duh
Nana : aelaaa pasal kau sorang on , kau nak break :/
Me : herr , tah la weh . aku tak nak break . sebab I have made up a promise with Fiqar :D
Nana : haa bagus bagus lempang karang­ ­\

Syaza Syahirah dah lain sekarang yee :D, jgn tanye . Iya kan saje , mungkin minah nie terlebih emotional dan cepat terasa . Harap maklum --''

Sunday, January 30

Silly Me -.-''

Harvind : Syaza , pinjam textfbook .
Me : *No answer
Tulaisi : Deii Shazah , pinjam textbook laa
Me : *No answer Andddd is that my name ? Gahh sounds sooo bad -.-
Harvind : Syazaaaa , pinjam texbook
Me : *Looking back and said --- Hahhh ? Facebook ?
Amir and Shahira : Big evil laugh --- Textbook lah bodoh HAHA
Me : Ohhh , aku pikir facebook sebab tu aku blurr . Hahahahahahaha
Harvind and Tulaisi : Pinjam textbook lah .
Me : Haaa , yelah yelah -.-''

Im not deaf , just blurr at that time HAHAHAHA

Students Daily Life

Everyday ,
The sound of birds wake me up , the sound of Azan calls me to come back to my god .

Everyday ,
Every eye stares at me , every mouth whispers to one another .

Everyday ,
My skins exposed to heavy sunlight , my legs hurt to walk a thousand miles .

Everyday ,
Hear teachers babling and gave aLOT of homeworks

Everyday ,
I hate dust which accumulate on my bed , the sound of sneeze irritates me .

But everyday,
Im thankful Im here , Im blissful I got a chance to come here , Im grateful when I got nothing to lose . I closed my eyes and I hope I can see a better day coming ;)

Saturday, January 29

photo editing with full of patience -.-'

Friday, January 28

Isyraf Azlan (sewel gila) cakap --- Aku suke dgr suare kau , sbb mcm CARTOON hahahaha

Otak mu lahh cartoon ? Terok bebenor la do HAHAHA gelak besa

Now I Care !

People around me always make me feel bad , make me hurt , make me feel like I dont deserve to be happy . So I'll guess I'm going to fake a smile and hide this tears . Dah jadi sebahagian dari hidup aku bestie sendiri perli aku , ohh dah biasa =D I guess just keep myself quite and not to talk somemore . And I always gave a bigggg smile Really freaking out -.-'' Im soo glad duhh . Every single moment have the worst and the coolest one <3 Well , ofcourse lah nak yang cool punya kan kan ? Haa , every night I remember all things that happened to me and people talk talk either jerk or nice about ME ;) Cool one , I cried every night ouh :'( Like seriously , nak ckp aku cengeng ape ke pegi mati lah -.-'' Cakap tapis lah sikit doe , aku ade hati gak . 

I Would Go Through All This Pain

I dont gave any single shit about school , but I guess that is not good enough Yaaa :D I'm tired hearing somemore teacher babling about our class 3Melor for this year . Yeah , there's alot students from others class that is lower for sure buttt them really really cool . Sehari tak gelak dalam class tak sah do :) Several teacher keeps babling this sentences :-

Saya baru pertama kali lihat 3Melor macam ini . Pemalas pfft Dulu 3Melor sangattttt lain yee

I'm proud to sayyyy -- I dont give a damn hell about that actually -.-'' Is not I'm going to rude with my teacher for sure . Im taking Pmr this year . So on , for what Im going to play that pretty jerk games with my teacher ? Aku bukan dapat apa pun kalau maki hamun cikgu do . Dan saya benci belajar Ert sekarang like seriously HELL babe ! I love to learn Ert subject for sure and I got A's for that subject last year . And half of my target for Pmr , but I think I have a pretty big deal mennn -.-'' I dont know what the hell is my problems with that suck teacher Im proud to say Kau nak aku HORMAT kau , kau HORMAT aku dulu sebagai murid and I think thats not the best ever way to teach me . Macam tu ke cikgu doe ? Whoaaa HEBAT ah , I never seen a creepy suck teacher like you -.-'' 

Fyl , little away people huh .

Sorry for didn't update my blog this lately . I'm really busy with studies and so on . Well I'm getting stronger I guess . Syaza starting studies babe's ! How cool was that ? Hahaha , mom told me "Laptop takda , menghdap buku okay ?" And that was soooooooooooo terrible do -.-''

Actually I didn't had any interesting story to share . Oh yaa I forgot . Ada pesanan khas untuk awak . Awak , kita tak kisah laa kalau awak nak baca blog kita tapi tak payah laa nak kutuk kutuk . Tak suka apa kita update , jgn laa baca . Kita tak suruh pun awk baca , awk sendiri nak baca . Tolong laa eh . Nak baca , baca . Dah baca , tutup mulut dan duduk diam diam . Terima kasih . Remember , I have noticed here that If you dont know the WHOLE story , dont simply judge me bitchy (!) Senang je aku rasa kalau tak kutuk kutuk nie kann ? Susah ke ? Errr -.-'' Gahh sakitnya hati .

Friday, January 14

Never Ever Did It

I did nothing much today . So this entry , I don't think I'll post a very long one . I apologize , I'm kinda in hurry so I wanna take this chance to blog here . I've got to tidy my room after this . Mama sudah membebel , I can't do anything . Oh ya bytheway , in school just now my class teacher asked us to write our name for nametag she said everybody must have it ! Its a must ! Then Teeha asked me to write my name as Syaza Johari wahh matured lah siot ;D Bhahaha Atiqah Azman as well . Shiera Ismail quick brave enough Teeha Khairy -- Weh boleh ke buat mcm tu doee ? Bhahaha Then we cancel to do the nametag . Mcm ape je , kelakar duh . A bit clumsyy :) Bhaha :D Okay Im out of here ! Mama dah bising , Im on my way to tidy up my room and clean the house andd so on . Byebye Keep in touch ;]

Pierce The Viels

I know that grenade by bruno mars is an old song , it's not that old but I don't know . Baru sekarang rasa addicted gila kat lagu tu . Haha I can't stop repeating the same song . I'm stucked in this freaking boredom so I've made up my mind to post a new entry here . I’ve learned this past month . I’ve changed , I’ve grown . Maybe things do happen for a reason , maybe they don’t . But no matter what , they still happen . That’s what we need to remember . I learned to stop analyzing things , to just let them happen . And if I get hurt , or if something bad happens , then it happens . There’s nothing I can do to change that .

I’ve learned to go with my gut , and that it’s okay to make mistakes because the ones that matter , won’t care . I’ve learned that love really is as great as they say it is . I’ve learned that my friends can't save me from my worst thing . And most importantly , I’ve learned that today is all we have .

I got nothing much to do besides , dah lama tak webcam dgn Teeha Nana Isyraf . Harini dapat ohh :] Mcm orang gilaa dah dpn WC ;D Tengoklah hasil tangkapan Syazana :D Saya tak boleh nak screen capture , photoscape saya hilangggg -.-'' siot ouh . Tkpe Syazana adeee :)
*Ignore mine , tengok tuu . Isyraf dgn Nana cikiLingg Bhahahaha

Thursday, January 13

Wonder For This Day Guys

School was really fun for today , bhahaha . And my Bm tchr is wearing lens , mimpi apa dia semalam ? Huhh Hahaha . Okay there's soo many things happend , for sure kiteorng asyik gelak jee . Husna has a new nickname :- Ozuu Nasi Lemak 2Ringgit ;D Got this briliant nickmane by Shahira and Atiqah :) Atiqah aku taknak cerita duhh . Memalukann :O Rahsiaa kita kitaa jelahh kan kan ? Bhahaha , sumpah lawak doe . Husna , jgn marah ehh . Just for fun only , nothing else okay ? :)

In recess Teeha and me were doing Science HW *last minute ;D hahaha , then she told me that she almost likey like kena sampuk last night . Biasa lah tu , stress . Girl ;) Be patience , I know you are strong enough to get into this fuking problems . Trust me ! You can do it girl ;) I guess Shahira and Lee Lexus something wrong la in Science periods ;D Wawaww , bhahaha . Mungkin esok saya teman awak pegi shopping ye Shahira <3 Melepak dgn Teeha Khairi Syazana Rusli Atiqah Azman . And I hope Syafiqah will join us . Kesian minachi niee balik td , aku dah cakap . Pakcik van aku sayang aku , sebab tu dia amik aku cepat Bhahaha . Sorry wehh ;)

Open my laptop and I found new desktop background and all my documents *Pictures and songs were not in this lappy . Anddd this is the worstt part ! All my software tidak ada oh -.-'' Haiyaa , I think this is my 3rd time I download all the software . Mama said-- sorry kakak mama suruh orang tu delete semua Me-- Lahh asal pulak ? Haritu bkn dh hntr service ke ? Takkn hntr lagi sekali kot -_- Mama -- A'ah , alaa download la balik Haritu mama bukak bnyak virus . Lain kali download lagi banyak banyak lepastu tak reti nak scan yee Me-- Hurrr -_-" Rasa mcm nak nangis pun ado duhh -.-''
Sungguh membebankann duhh -___-"

Wednesday, January 12

The Day That Is For Laughing

Hi readers
I'm curious why do I recently think about Facebook is going shut down these days . I think it's because of those posts that people keep posting and sent chat box on my Facebook's homepage . Ugh you know what , they're all like scaring me off . I feel like paralyzing myself now . But totally I dont believe that one ! Beatiful liarsss <3 Oh yeah , I accomponies Zulfiqar this night because he said that he got alot HW to do . Besides theres no one bothering he doing HW , so let me bothering you ;) Hahaha Now I can smile peacefully :) All problems with him<3 has settle . And most important , I miss alot about you . S
top reminding me you love me . I know you love me and I love you too . No worries , LOL . Haha 

Last year Wednesday day was the pretty awesome day for US<3 Hari kelakar/gelak sedunia ;D Okay I think we just fooling around and laughing out load the whole time . This year it continue , TRBAEKK duhh . Atiqah keep repeating this words "Bontot kau lah" And she said she usually used this words to her sister and her brother . Awesomee ;D When she said the magical words "Bontot kau lah" Me , Teeha and Shahira were laughing out of ass . Bhaha , comel doe kau ckp tu ;) Seriussly ! Yang tak tahan tu Shahira cakap "Bontot ayam lah" Hahahaha' TERBAEKKK ! 

P/s : Atiqah Azman besok continue ckp magical words kauu tu tau tau tau ;) Hahaha'

Now Standing By Myself

I hate it when I’m still trapped in this kinda boredom where I’m all stuck in my house and seriously got zero thing to do . So today is Wednesday , pretty good . Pagi-pagi dh buat hal duh , thanks alot Atiqah :) Sebab teman aku tadi . Menyusah kan kau je aku nie kan ? Hehe , 

Today my peeps and I skipped Pafa class , hahaha . Percubaan pertama :D Next week mybe we'll going . Maybe la , malas duhh -__- And guess what babe's kita akan mati esok atau jumaat dgn cikgu Fatimahwati . Sebab tak pegi padang tadi . Muahahaha , tkpe chillax je . Okay in class like usually :) Gossiping here and there , so Teeha asked me to continue my story about fakktap girl that just annoyed to me . While Atiqa is eating nugget that she brings to school with Shahira then insteadly me and Teeha grabbed Atiqah's nugget and eat it up and continue gossiping =D Then Atiqah said-- Gosip dua je , makan nak same Eihh tak boleh nie Shahira-- A'ah tulah pasal Hahahaha MeandTeeha-- Haa okay okay Gelak besa punya Meh sini aku nak cerita Terima kasih Atiqah Azman :) Kenyang aku Hahahaha , besok aku bwk roti ehh ? Hahaha Seronok merapu dgn Atiqah Azman hahaha . Terbaekk !

A Pretty Awesome Game -.-

I was just trying to make things clear but you were totally being an ass . Chill down , you're desperately run out of a hell lot of good things to do huh ? It's okay , you're a lifeless person . I think I'm not gonna stop finding you one . And aku tak batak lah nak kawan dgn kau ! Bustard -.-'' I just realized that my life has been totally full of liars and backstabbers . But I don’t think I should stop moving on just because of those shits . I’m still holding with my words , I’m not going to give up even for a second of my whole entire life . You should keep my words . And I’ve been surrounded by too many problem these days . But I’ll not forget to thank my whole family and my dearest friends Atiqah Azman Syazana Teeha Shahira Isyraf  for supporting me no matter what . There's a boy who doesn't know what is the real meaning of 'feelings' and doesn't know how toappreciate a girl till his last breath . *Last breath ?? Haha . We all just have to pray all the best for him . Thank you for taking that girl into one of your games . You look cute doing it . So cute , too cute . I can't even explain . See , you're too appreciated . Kalau nak balik dekat dia I totally dont care , fine with that . Seriusly :) 

Tuesday, January 11

Kau boleh pegi matilah -.-'' Ingat aku kesah ke ? Err , apehal aku rasa mcm nak maki orang je nie haa ?

Thats When ILoveYou

And his mine , jangan nak menggedik and mimpi kau nak dia dari aku

Monday, January 10


So as today is the second week school , like usually we laugh all the time :D Haha but oh yea well before forgotten , I had fun laughing my ass off with Atiqah , Teeha and Shahira :) during the Maths periods . We just watching all exaggeration motion that my teacher Maths do in class , Saya blurrr -.- teacher Saya pun blurr jugak Saya tak pandai nak explain kan dekat kamu Hahahaha , semua gelak besaa . In Inglish Language periods teacher was asking someone to be volintier to say who was the person that you admire ? Then I was laughing *non stop Suddenly Shahira said

-Syaza Syazaaa
-Who was you admire ?
-Haa Syaza Syazza tchr , budak kelas Anggerik
-Babi kau -.-
Shahira And me
-*Big laugh

P/s : Shahiraa you looks soo damn cute when your are worried because you've just left you school van =D Hahahahahahaha Padan mukaa kau , tuhan bayar cash kt kauu !

Wait Till You Can Pass Through

Im tired , I mean sooo tired :O HW gila belambakk lah STRESS duh . I was on fone with Shahira <3 hot ticket yee makcik ? Bhahahaha , lama jugak lah kiteorng sembang . Gossiping and talked about HW well budak baik kann . Haha , I was almost crying doing that Ringkasan thngy . Goshhh killing me ! Pecah otak aku pikir isi isi -.-'' Now I can breathe with clearly , all my HW is done :) Shahira I got suprise for you tomorrow . Just wait it okay ? Hahahaha , and really hate it when my flu back to me again . Buat hal lahh , besok selsema -.-'' Menyusah kan , 

In the recess like usually we were waiting for the others and hang around the school , and Syazana asked me Weh sape yang Thanks tu ? I was like tukar topic with Atiqah . And again she's asked me the same question , then I shouted Alaa kan aku cakap lupa kan je Then she insteadly hug me >.< Huiih Sakit lahh mokk ! Hahaha The problems with Syazana has settle up :) Eventhought we always chill on , but deep inside of our heart must be one of us that hurst somemore . But thats a normal things right ? Akan menambah kan lagi kasih sayang kann Syazana ? Chill up , 

p/s : Syazana dearest friend I will keep our relationship till the end babe'

Zulfiqar Nasha <3 siapa menang lawan quotes tu ? I kann ? Hahahahaha Well :D Mcm tak biasa pulak kan . Bhahaha


Sorry If I wrong But Just say it If you really hate me I will try to accept The truth that Im just annoyed to you And Thank you For being Apart of my life You 're pretty awesome girl No wonder lah I sayang sangat dekat you I nak kite brkekalan *mcm janji I But I can do NOTHING I tak boleh kembalikan masa yang lalu , sebab I tak ada superPower Im happy when you laugh *HAHA*Because you the only one that can make me smile beside my family :) I will only cry if my heart were really hurts And I cried when I know that you with HIM Im not perfect like HE But I 've try my best To prove to you That I love you But theres nothing different to be like a Loser . Sincerly S

I will remember this always and never forget this fr sure ;) I will keep this untill the end ,

Mental Conffesionn

I woke up at 6:10 , just what I guess so on . Lambatt T.T err , mama marah habes . Itulah asyik online je sampai malam buta . Hahaha , chillax je . Dh biasa , and arrived to school and waited fr the others . Syazana just arived and she was like maki hamun auty van dia ohh . Seram aku , bhahaha "Balik nie memang kena dia dengan aku" Garang siott . Hahahaha , 
In the evening i have latihan rumah sukan thingy , haiyaa . Malas sebenarnya nak pegi :O errr , nasib ade Teeha . Semangat sikit kann , and had a great time with Teeha and Ida Syamiza :) Dan Husnaa , dah pandai ea jelir jelir lidah . Potong nak ? Hahahaha , cikgu Bm saya tersangatlahh annoyed -.-'' Cerewet bebenor . Dia nie tak habes habes ulang ayat POWER dia tu haa "Saya nie mengajar bukan setahun , dh 10 tahun dah" Setiap hari dia masok dia akan cakap skrip tu , tah pape tah -.-'' tadi dia ade ckp lagi pastu aku takde attention nak belajar . Again she repeat the same words .

Cikgu : Saya ni mengajar bukan setahun , dah 10 tahun dah semua kelas melor saya ajr paling kurang dpt B tau
Me : *while looking at the papers , Bangga lah tu Bangga lah tu ?
Cikgu : Yee , memang saya bangga ye *sigh
Shahira and Teeha : Haahahahahaha*gelak besa
Me : Apehal apehal doe ?
Shahira : Kan kau ckp bangga lah tu , cikgu dengar ah bodoh , td dia reply *gelakkk
Me : Lahh dia dengar ke ? Tak perasan lah siot . Serius , 
Shahira : *gelak besaaaaa

Sorry teacher , I dont have any bad attention t be rude to you :) Cikgu lawaa harini :D Hahaha , okay Im going to eat . So toodles people , I will post something in the next post later on . Bye <3

Congrets Ana Raffali for your first won in AJL-25  
Flying like a G6 :)

Sunday, January 9

You Popped My Heart Seams

Continue my post just now , after all faktap thngy that make me feels soooo annoyed , insteadly Deactive Facebook . Just for awhile after that Activate balik . Rasa menyampah pun ado -.-'' Lantak lah . Malas aku nak ingat do ,  satu jelah kann . Tk payah nak bangga sngt lahh . Tak tinggi mano pun , bknnye takde yg lain nak megah megah -.-''

Okay forget about that , first person asking me why I deactive my fb is Nadhirah Hana . She texted me inteadly , I was shocked :O then , I feel pityful for her . Because she just wanna get into knowing me for sure . So I decide to Activate back my fb . Knowing this pretty girl is awesome , she's not like the others . I mean different . And she is rich of SYNESS , isn't ? I read her blog yesterday . And she mentioned that she wanna get through with other students that is from evening sesion , butt she has a big deal with that . Dia pemalu ohh , hehh buat apa nak malu ? Saya dengan Syazana <3 bukan makan orang . And we are not tigers that eat predators . Grrr , Hahaha . Senyum pun sudah memadai kann Syazana ? We will insteadly reply it with a smile too for sure . And I have no big deal to w2w with you or even chat :D With open arms I will reply it .

What we have tomorrow ? This is truely suck , tomorrow I have latihan rumah sukan -.-'' And Teeha said she will exchange to Red . Because she have no members in Green , so on she will be with me :D Iloveyouu Teeha <3 Homework jangan cakap ah , bertimbunn oh -.-'' Sejarah tak phtostat lagi and for sure kena tampal . Science almost done :] Bm komsas I have done nothing yet so chill on . Satu bab je kot , PAI latihan tak siap lagi :O takpe ustazah baik kann ? Hahaha , ERT latihan je . Nota almost done it :] Maths cool gila , baru buat 1excersize the others chill on , I will do it this NIGHT Gosok baju lagi sikitt , kasut dh siap . Ape lagi ? Haa turn off lappy and get ready to go back Rawang .


Imma said it loud ? Thanks there , Im glad if you're happy for what you've got *seriusly =.= Cheers for that ! Im okay with that . There's so many others ways to do . Is not and just that only that can make people wanna have it , right ? Ofcourse aku terasa , tapi bukan dapat berlian pun kann aku terasa . Buat sakit hati je kann ? Again , A BIG THANKSS yeahh :]

p/s : Tak payah nak ungkit bende nie lagi , terima kasih *aku hargai gilaaa kau doeee .

Friday, January 7

The Shittalkers

Hi .
This is just another post of hating and I am going to let all of you know how much I hate busybodies . Take it this way , and please use your brain , THINK . Everyone has their own way . Why would someone , or anyone , meddles into the affairs of others ? Come on lah . And if you are not satisfied with yours , mesti ke nak intrude into others' ? Being busybody , honestly , is not cool . Especially when you are no one , I mean tegur tak pernah apa semua tak pernah , and then maybe , you have ever heard bad stories about me before , once or twice , tapi dah sebab baik hati sangat , lagi cerita kat semua orang tuh . ( A really big thankyou ! ) Tapi takpayah jaga tepi kain orang sebenarnya dah boleh kan ? You dont know me , at all . So do not judge .

We are in the same school , for sure , and if you ada facebook pun , maybe we have a few mutual friends . But answer me , do you really know me ? No , right ? So you have no right to assume and say bad things about me . Make it simple ! I would understand if you were one of my friend , and talking shits behind . Because it is a common thing that immatured people do . And one more thing , you are a guy , I might understand if you are a young lady who loves gossip . Hmm . I just dont think you have a vagina . Or you have one ? :O

P/S : Past is past . Stop saying things if you dont know me . And tolonglah , get a life . Whenever , you , the shittalker , want to hurt me by saying something BAD about me , say it straight to me . Bukan dekat orang lain . Like my boyfriend or my bestie etc etc . You're hurting them not me ! If you want to hurt me that bad , bring it on . I dont effing care . But not them . Not those who close to me . Please .

Go To Hell lah kau , ingat bagus sangat ? Fuck up
*tak payah nak buzz aku kat ym , hantar chat dkt fb . Tak payah tahu pun -.- Itu akan membuat aku lagi menyampah

aku pun tak batak nak kau layan aku mcm dulu =.= nanti kalau bosan baru carik aku WHAT A FUCKING WONDERFUL =D cheers for that -.- Lepas nie jangan cakap aku sombong ke ape bende , kalau aku buat bodoh ngn kau . Because you the one that choose the best way =D So , thanks there . And have a nice day . Study smart for pmr . Lepas nie jangan carik aku lagi . 

Bits And Pieces Of Me

Back to school yesterday , it was just okay . Tchr pk yg annoyed is not in the class , so cheers for that . Gabung dengan kelas 3Kemuning , wahh awesome . Nazurah bercerita kalah nenek saya :D Mcm-mcm makcik ni cerita , boyfriend baru dia for 1st January 2011 . Huiiyo , dasyat kauu . Hahaha , Last night I slept at 3pm something . Then , I woke up at 10am . So , I didnt get enough sleep . Like usually , bukak laptop online . I was chatting with Nana :) Bnyak bende kiteorng shared :) I wish if Shahira were with us , it must be soo wonderfull :( Yesterday one of our teacher commented to Shahira , because dia bawak Cermin yang gilaa meletop pegi sekolah . Cikgu , saya tahu . Cikgu jealous bukan , dengan cermin kawan saya ? Yeahh , suddenly she said to Shahira

Tchr : Cantik cermin , baik simpan
Shahira : *just a lill laugh , okay cikgu :)
Me : *gelak besaaa HAHA
Shahira : Syazzzzzzz
Me : Apehal kau nie ?
Shahira : Kau dgr kan tadi ?
Me : Dengar sangat , clear gilaaa *gelak besa Chill jelah , selama nie kau bawak tak takot pulak ==''
Shahira : Pagi petang lain okay
Me : Ouuuu
Shahira : Tak boleh jadi niee , kene sorok
Me : Kau nak sorok kt mane minah ?
Shahira : Haa , cermin aku ajaib , aku lekat je dkt mane mane buku kan ade double side tape blakang dia . Haa apamcm ?
Me : Then , cover cermin kau yang meletop nie nak cmpak mne ?
Shahira : *hung up A'ah yeh , hmm , haa 
Me : Haa apelagi idea kau ?
Shahira : Cakap jelah kat cikgu yang ini frim gambar :D *gelak besaaa
Me : Haa , lepas tuu , tokok tambah lagi . Kau letak gambar MAK BAPAK kau dkt frim nie , nak buat keje je ade gmbr MAK BAPAK kau , baru semangat nak buat keje kann ? *gelak besaaa punya
Shahira : Babi kau Syazz , ehh betol gak tu . Ckp mcm tu jelah HAHA

This is part of our rutine :D In our class , Shahira , Teeha , Atiq and me is the mostt that our classmates hate ! Yelahh , gelak besa tak tentu pasal . Nak buat keje langsung tak focus sebab ter-effect ngn kiteorng . Paling awesome mase semua tngh dengar penjelasan cikgu Maths . Then suddenly , Harvindran sang "Im a barbie girl Munisvar a barbie girl " Shahira and me were looking each other and have a big laughhh , semua cakap "Diammm lahh korang nie gelak je tau =='' Kiteorng lagi gelak besaaa HAHA . So people , toodles Im going to take my bath .

Thursday, January 6

Back To Yesterday

Yeah you got me begging begging baby please don't go

If I wake up tomorrow will you still be here
I don't know
If you feel the way I do
If you leave I'm gonna find you
Baby please dont go <3
Keep repeat this song , gila awesome :D

Count On Me

I know you haven't seen my plain-bored-post much recently . Well , last night I was chatting with my prettay cousin :D that I've been sooo long havent meet her up with her cutiee sistaaa . Hehh rindu gilaa kann ? Nk main A B C , basikal and mcm mcm lahh kite buat dulu kann kalau ade kenduri . Best gilaaa , but I dont think that all those time can be reality in this short time . Na'ahh ,  

Just now I just read Atiqah's status in facebook , ohh mann . You need to go for the medical check up laaa , believe me . You can do it , you're strong girl Atiqa Azman :) I will prays for your safety :) Nothing gonna happen . Believe me :) Isyraf , aku akan jaga beloved kau elok elok . Jgn risauu , ade orng ngorat aku sound je *cehhh HAHA 

What a fucking manwhoree =='' out of credit . Hurr , cikgu science gila membunuh duhhh . Semua nak kene lukis , matiii mcm nieee . Uselesss , oh here we go tmorrow I have English language class . Depp duhh ahh , excited . Tchr mmg sporting habes , lets look at the fckupp part . We didnt learn any Mths subject in this one week , awesomeee . I was hoping that I not get any D or E in maths . 

Tchr nak ubah kedudukan tempat , semua muka tercengang :O Me Teeha Atiqa Shahira we in silent mood . Semua muka suci , then tchr stop at Shahira place and said

Tchr : Kamu dua duduk dibelakang.
Shahira : Alaa tchr , duduk belakang tak boleh focus la
Me : Dh gelak besaa kt sebelah
Tchr : Ouh okay , okay awak duduk di belakang

Cikgu bla gelak besa gilaa haha , terima kasih Shahiraaa <3 iloveyouuendlessly 
ZulfiqarNasha iloveyouuu <3

Now Give It To You

Such a silly both of you :)

Iwan : Deppdudahhouyehh 2x
Irfan : Kau boleh jgn bercakap tak ?
Me : Hahaha *big laugh
Iwan : Deppdudahhouyehhh *keep sing it 
Irfan : Boleh diam tak kau ?!
Me : Hahahahahahahaha , irfannnnn ? How dare youuu haaa *cubit pipi dia
Irfan : *pangggg sakit laa
Me : Hahaha , mine is the most hurt one :D
Iwan : Deppdudahhohhhyeaaa
Me : Ape kau merepek ?! ==''

Wednesday, January 5


Bingai mu Shahiraa ! Hahaha , mcm biasa . Im not intrested to go and eat something in canteen *cehh but its the fact . So we prefer to buy at Koperasi and buy some drinks at the machine . Nana said to me :

Nana : Eh tu adik kau kan Syaza ?
Me : Hahh *muka pelik 
Shahira : Nak tau mne adik dia ?
Me : *Stared at Shahira with unsatisfied face ==''
Nana : Ehh adik kau lagi comel kot 
Me : *Just a lill laugh
Nana : Adik lagi lawa dari kakak 
Nana : Adik lagi lawa dari kakakk
Nana : Adik lagi lawa dari kakakkk *buat muka
Me : *pencepuk kasi kat bahu Nana
Nana : Aduhhh sakit doee *gelakgelak
Me : Haaa padan muka kau HAHA'

You Are Not Dreaming

Syaza stoplah mengharap benda yang boleh menyakitkan hati sendiri ? Kau kena kuat , focus PMR tu haa . That is more important , theres no use for you to hoping for . STFU , terima kasih buat saya benci awak :) Mmg hobi kann ? Err =='' 

Today was very tiring day for me , have pafa class andd beg berat gilaa =='' In class I was chill on , teacher gila sporting :D espeacially my English language teacher . Laughing laughing and laughing . I thought she was like "kerek teacher" that is same like others teacher . But I was wrong for , awesomeee gila teacher nie . Dlm class asyik menyanyi je , lagu thats when i love you jadi mangsa HAHA then saje bace lirik airplanes then Shahira said "eh yg penyanyi dia tu nyanyi bestkan ?" Teeha look back "Aah , hayley williams" Me "Haa yang tulah" continue writting . Shahira tahun nie apesal senyap hahh ? Nor like last year , she always make me laughing untill hurt . Dia gelak smpai aku ter-effect HAHA 

This year I got a new teacher for Science , badddly . I want teacher Suriani ! She is kinda my fav tchr :) This tchr kinda annoyed me . She asked us to write her name infront of our note book . Check this out ,

Tchr : Saya nak awak tulis nama saya di hadapan buku nota awak sekarang
Teeha : Hahh 
Shahira : Heer
Me : Fakktap =='' *tengok buku sendiri
While the others start writting that tchr name , while me starred at the books for almost 2minutes
Me : Hahh ? Mcm mne pulak aku nak tulis , buku saya dah kene locked
Shahira : *gelakk 
Me : Err , cikgu saya buat tulis nama cikgu yang cantik tu kat rumah jelah . Nnt saya tampal cantikcantik :)
Shahira : *tells Atiqah siot Syaza , die nak buat kt rumah tulis name cikgu gelak besaa

Syazana and Amir Saidi , dont worry about this saturday :D Takot sngt kan korang aku tak dtg , alahaii apesalahnya . Sekali sekala date dlm class kann ? Beg pun dh nak dkt sama LOL Jgn marahh , aku gurau je . Tiada sebarang perli memerli . Hahh Nana , your mother likes Amir attitude right ? Your mom kinda knows it already :D hahaha

Always remember this word "there's sunshine behind the rain , there's good time behind that pain ." :/

Tuesday, January 4

Did You See Her ?

Semua orang ckp
Ehh Syaza aku tak nmpk pun kau kt sekolah , kau dtg ke tak ??

Haiyaa , Syazaa datang tau sekolah walaupun berat hati + sakit hati nak pegi . Tk perlu nmpk saya punn , budak nie mane laa hot HAHA' I think its because Im not wearing the pss uniform *letak jawatan , ehh but all this while Im not wearing that fuck uniform . Hahaha , entah laa . Aku jarang pegi canteen , malasmalas dann malass . So how come korang nak nmpak aku kan ? Hahaha , Kelas pun mcm tempat jin bertendang *hehh takdelahh HAHA Just what I thought so , school suck . I want school to end fast so that I don't have to act that I'm okay , I don't have to act that nothing will make me feel down , I don't have to fake a smile . I'm so down right now . But Shahira rock my day :) 


Monday, January 3

Numb Andd Blunt

It's strange how bad injuries happen . It can be the toll of the years , or it can be a single moment . You could be working up to it for years , or it could be an instant of bad luck . A stab of blinding , mind - numbing pain suddenly you have a different life . That's all it takes . An awkward landing , a fall , something suddenly tearing , and it changes everything .

This is what I learned from my life .
Some injuries you never get over .

Rule #3 : No pain no gain


Lucidicc Dreams

There are your default dreams and then there are your other dreams .
The default dreams are what everyone wants .

You don't have to think about the default dreams , they take care of themselves . Or sometimes they don't . But you have to think about the other ones . The dreams beyond the default dreams . Dreams do exist , if you are lucky .

Rule #2 : Keep on dreaming

Be Happy , Why Not ?

Ok lets get our asses out of the town .
Forget all those silly problems , lets channel our view to something called happiness .
Here's what I've learned , if you can't escaped from the problems , the only solution is live with it and make it better . How ? Ask yourself , you know whats best for you .

Everyone deserves happiness . Anybody in this whole - wide - world wants to be happy , but what stops them ? Thoughts .
Thoughts which overcome their minds .
Thought of being trempled when preoccupied with the joy of happiness .

Rule #1 : Eliminate whatever stops you .

So don't think , whatever it takes when you're happy don't fucking think about whats next .
Because once you were , thoughts stop your magic moments . And clearly , you don't want that to be happen .

never regrets something that makes you smile onces