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Wednesday, January 12

The Day That Is For Laughing

Hi readers
I'm curious why do I recently think about Facebook is going shut down these days . I think it's because of those posts that people keep posting and sent chat box on my Facebook's homepage . Ugh you know what , they're all like scaring me off . I feel like paralyzing myself now . But totally I dont believe that one ! Beatiful liarsss <3 Oh yeah , I accomponies Zulfiqar this night because he said that he got alot HW to do . Besides theres no one bothering he doing HW , so let me bothering you ;) Hahaha Now I can smile peacefully :) All problems with him<3 has settle . And most important , I miss alot about you . S
top reminding me you love me . I know you love me and I love you too . No worries , LOL . Haha 

Last year Wednesday day was the pretty awesome day for US<3 Hari kelakar/gelak sedunia ;D Okay I think we just fooling around and laughing out load the whole time . This year it continue , TRBAEKK duhh . Atiqah keep repeating this words "Bontot kau lah" And she said she usually used this words to her sister and her brother . Awesomee ;D When she said the magical words "Bontot kau lah" Me , Teeha and Shahira were laughing out of ass . Bhaha , comel doe kau ckp tu ;) Seriussly ! Yang tak tahan tu Shahira cakap "Bontot ayam lah" Hahahaha' TERBAEKKK ! 

P/s : Atiqah Azman besok continue ckp magical words kauu tu tau tau tau ;) Hahaha'