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Tuesday, November 30

WTH I'm Not Sleeping Yet ?

act , I dont feel like to sleep right now . Ermm , but my eyes turn crazy -_- goodbyee facebook , ym <3 Nana Teeha Isyraf . You guys rock ! Its almost 2:30 am . And Im not sleepy -.- Okay jom tutup laptop dan mghadap fone HAHA kite kacau orng lah kn HAHA ! So toodle people :p

Cant You Feel These Magic In The Air ?

Howdy ! Any awesome story today ? Mhm guess nope . Found that today was bored . So the best thing is WEBCAMM ! hahahah , Teeha Nana and Isyraf best gyle doh mlm nie . Br-ym tngh mlm buta , mmg sengal HAHA nana story pasal die dgr ade orng pnggil name baba die kt luar ruma . pastu isyraf nk mkn burger , nana ckp

nana  : burger kelate mu niehh tak sedakk mcm burger dekakk raweee
me      : dasyat lahh nana HAHAHA
isyraf : jdy jdy
nana  : kau test ckp pulak syaza
me      :  mu nie isyraf , gapo dio tk kasi teman burger . lapo neyh HAHAHAHAH merapuu
nana  : jadi kehh aku kecek kelate isyraff ? teman ?  tu bukan loghat kelate 
isyraf : bukan lapo la , lapa

isyraf teach us bahase kelate <3 hahaha

 isyraf : buwi gak burger tooo cikit kt ku
syaza  : hahh ?
syaza  : aku takpham 
Nana   : haaa kalau bace laju laju mcm berok
Nana   : hahaha
Isyraf  : paham tk ?
syaza   : TAK
Nana    : tak paheee
Isyraf   : maksud dia sape tau ?
syaza   : sape
Isyraf   : haha
syaza   : bodo cpt la
Nana    : ape ?

nk taw tnye isyraf HAHA

Lets Chew Someone Out From Here

Pagi - pagi bngun nk pegi hospital pnye pasal . Damn it -.- Checking my tonsil , duhhh sakit gyle -_- gile ahh . Setibanya aku di ruma mak long , she suddenly ask me for helping her something . Ahaa , she ask me to look after her little cutioo kids . HOHO firdauss back to hell yeahhh <3 HAHA All this whole day I just disturbing , playing ps2 with them and eating some more *even my tonsil had bigbig sickness -_- ERR . In the evening , we had our precious time berlari mcm orng gila kt luar HAHA sewel -_- Huhh , Atiqa ask me to join her tuition at Juara Interlek . Seems like my mama said I'll start in 2weeks starting from now , klau cepat lagi bagus :D hahaha . Kinda addicted to Please Don't Go by Mike Posner song . That song were really awesome <3 

Saturday, November 27

Saturday , Super , Suck

Im online while watching tv with others , diorng tngok channel 615 nk tnggu logo bodoh ape tah . Hahh , bru aku ingat So Syok Holiday if I not wrong , sengal je . Act , adik dh nmpk that silly logo yesterday . But , her handphone was in my room . As well , my room were locked . Tidur tak ingat dunia plus plus . When I woke up and opened the door , and showed her not satisfied to me LOL . I dont eat those fucking thngy laa sewel -_- Suddenly Adik sream and shout :

Adikk : Hahh , thats it . Fone mane ?
Me     : Kau apehal ? 
Adikk : shuttap -_-
Me     : Back off -_-
Adikk : Ma' give thenm your email
Mama : For what ?
Me     : Its for silly contest lah ma' no need to give . harharharr
Adik   : Do your own thngy la . Bodoh 
Me     : Sape bodoh skrng ?
Mama : Can you both just shut up ?!
Me     : HAHA relax laa ma'

Sewel , lari bwk laptop pegi bilik and online with peaceful HAHA

Aww men , syg doe nk mkn kalau aku dpt cake nie HAHA

Good Eveningg , And Im Hungryyy

HAHA , lapaa je keje aku -_- Okay finnaly teeha get who is the "MINA EDITOR TERHEBEDDD" that me and Nana are talking about in my post yesterday . Hurr , one thing to describe this silly girl is . Yeah , should I continue ? ERR , tkpayah laa . Die pn nk jadi EDITOR TERHEBADD jugak doee ! hahahaha . Totally bored sitting infront of lappy and log in facebook update blog , tweets in twitter . Haiyeee , BORED ! theres nothing much I can do besides . Listen to song and bed time story eat-ing kacau Irfan . Urghh , bosannnnnn ! Got tired reading status and any post from budak budak facebook that are using AYAT REMPIT taw kn mcm mne ayt rempit . Kalau ade kt home aku , terpakse laa bace . Ya Allah , berbelit otak nk paham and lidah aku bace ayat diorng . Ohh , please . Wake up people . You're typing using keyboard , its easy to you to find the words right . Such a silly -,- Like " tak " it will become " tuck " and kalau " yang " it become " yunk " ape kejadahh la korang nie . Cube carik dekat google search . Ade tk meaning yg same dengan . Mesty takde HAHA , ayat dah pendek lagy korang nk tambah huruf . Eii , entah pape tahh -_-  Syafiqah gave me a link yesterday . I opened it and read it . OMAYGODDD bhase ape lah budak nie ckp ?! sakaii betol , ERR So people , wake up lahh -_- its not difficult for you'll to find all the words in your keyboard that is infront of you . Menggelabah je , ingat pkai ayat rempit orng salute kau ke ? maybe the rest will respect you , but NOT me ! 

Friday, November 26

Do Your Own Bussines --'

seriously. im super exhausted. well maybe cause I didn't get any sleep at all last night *sigh Sorry Nana , aku tak online fb semalam :'( bored lahh , klau aku online pn bkn ade nk chat ngn aku . More over , bwt aku sakit hati je doee -_- Okayy , Teeha I'll pack my things this night . Well , they are going to gym again . But this time , Amir follow us . As well , my fever is getting nice ;) Hope I can join you'll . Okay , mcm biase lah kn . Dh excercise , mkn laa . We will get our lunch at mcD hoiyehh hoiyehh HAHA hahh , Teeha swimming apamcm ? As well , klau dh dpt broadband . Bkk fb , pastu twittering . Most important ! blogging *haha Mase tngh online fb , there's sore boy sent me chat and ask me 

sore boy : Weyhh , knape kau tak letak gambar mcm diorng . Bru adil , (gambar ape tak perlu tahu)
Me : ERR , wajib ke ? Tkkn -_-
sore boy : Memang laa tk wajib , tapi fair kn .
Me : Ou , tngok la klau rajin -_-
sore boy : bwt laa . ehh kalau aku nk ajak * keluar kl boley tak ?
Me : Tengok laa -.- suka haty kau lah . Its his life kn , not mine -,-
sore boy : Ou , betol jugak . mne la taw kau syg sgt kt dia smmpai tknk kasi aku keluar ngn die
Me : Ou (jawapan agk ANNOYED *haha)

Actually , I dont get any nice mood to chatting -,- sebok je nk srh aku bwt profile picture . Ehh , facebook aku la . Suke haty aku laa nk bwt ape . ERR -,- 

Hear It Comes

Its nearly 7am , and my tummy's growling like some insane bear . I haven't eaten anything yet since 4am . There was nothing on the kitchen table , since mum didn't cook anythingyummy today , sigh . I guess I just have to make myself a cup of maggi later . Teeha , nk join ? HAHA As usuall , me , Nana , Teeha , Ika , Atiq andd Shahira will gossip something like picture or status or else relationship orng dekat facebook HAHA both of them or else me will sent the link to all hot peeps *Nana , Teeha , Ika , Atiq , Me , Shahiraa well usually Ika will sent the link to us in facebook (massage) die nie semua die explore stiap hari HAHA ade jee gossip nk share ngn kiteorng . Best gylee kott share share link pastu bahan *gelak besaa Moral of the story , we used to share any links each other then ape lagi kn HAHA ! its ladies thngy , so its a normal laa . Every second I log in Facebook and see what was the moct recent news . Tergelakk dohh tngok satu post niee *gambar . Well , klau orng couple msty nk bwd profile picture same - same , gambar diorng la kn . Hahh , ade la minah ayun nie pn sebok nk jdy editor jugak ! HAHA Nana should i continue this ? haha , takpayah laa kn ? die pun nk up jugak dohh *gelak evil . 

Is currently listening to Overboard song by Justin Bieber , auww men :'( imisshim <3 Enhanced by Smiley Central 
Okay , tonight what we gonna have for dinner ma' ? Then mama ckp die malas masak , makan luar je eh ? ME "What ? malas laa" Okay Mcd or Satay ? Hmm , maybe Satay . But nk mcflurry ! Due due boley ? HAHA . I decide later on laa . mama shout , okay . kalau tak nk mkn ape ape it will be more better *senyum sinis GRRR ?

Thursday, November 25

Tickly My Brain

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought ?
why my face so beautiful like this ? hahaha

How much cash do you have on you ?

rm 20 only HAHA

Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone ?
unknown number

What is your favorite ring on your phone ?
nelly - just a drem

What shirt are you wearing ?
white tshirt from brands cheetah girl

Name the brand of your shoes you're currently wearing ?
vincci and viss

Bright or Dark Room ?
dark room <3

What were you doing at midnight last night ?
already closed my eyes while dreamed about KUM KUM on my bed -_-

What did your last text message you received on your cell last night say ?
Adoi , sakit tengkok lah . maen laptop je dr tady from shafiq danial HAHA *sape srh online lame lame ? pdn muke :P

What's a word that you say a lot ?
weyh , hahaha

Who told you he/she loved you last ?
my mom just now . hehe

Favorite age you have been so far ?
i am so happy when i am fourteen

Your worst enemy ?
i dont have an enemy . my mom always told me to forgive and forget :)

What is your current desktop picture ? 
my collage picture

What was the last thing you said to someone ?
jom tweets ?

Do you like someone ?
yes , my angel of love <3

The last song you listened to ?

Bumm Blee Blii

Today went glowing . I just keep getting better now . No more sorrow allegory to be written here anymore , hopefully . It might be far easier than I think if I don't think whatever nonsense which will only carry me to the underworld later . I even can laugh a lot today . I wish tomorrow will be more gleeful . Hold on . Ade segelintir orng tak suke and menyamaph tngok blog akuu . Opps , sorry . Suka hati I lah nak buat ape pun , blog I kn . Ahh poyo ! I can write anything that is from my hurricane mind -_-  Hahahaha . So today , I admit was bored . I don't gave any cheery face of mine to anybody . I feel like hating them is the only thing I can do . 

Lets Go On !

yeahh , kinda active twitter-ing right now HAHA tmblr-ing ? Huhh , to be honest . I dont know how to use that -,- , I need someone to teach me . Last night I watched KUM KUM in astro Ria channel , err perlu ke aku ckp ? Hahh , bestt doee . I love to watched Elfira Loy , sempoi gylee ngn mama die HAHA semua serius tngok cite tu , aku sorang gelak mcm orng tak betul . ahaha Its really funny see wall to wall with my hot peeps *nana and teeha And talking about KUM KUM . seram jugak . Yelah , who knows kn ? Suddenly Didie Alias merangkak dtg kt aku . That time I guess , laptop dh berkecai . Sbab , hentok kepale Didie Alias . Hahh , time tngh oline mlm mlm buta . Mesty langsir dpn tuu bergoyang , tingkap tutup . Mne angin dtg ? SCARYY MOVIE haha . Okay thats enough . So toodles people ;')

Lost Kid

I found this effing cute kid in my house ! whose kid is this ? HAHA actually this my aunty son . They came here and had lunch together with us , I bring lappy to living room *paklong nk guna . Then lpas paklong taknk gne , aku kongkaa laa HAHA pastu budak kecik nie melepik kt tepi aku time tngh online . So , dh bosan gyle facebook pn mcm ape jee -_- webcam laaa HAHA usually this kid not in mood for taking any picture *same as her sis , if they disturb me . I will capture thier picture in spontanies HAHA evil gylee aku nie ! Ohh forgot to introduce this cutie boy , Amir Firdaus <3 

Imma watching "Kum Kum" this night . HOHO 

Wednesday, November 24

Effing Cute

Amir Zafran Syah , did I have mention about this cutie kids to you ? Ohh yes I do , I call him for short "Irfan" pitiful for him . Bad fever , hurr -.- tp active bkn main HAHA maen belon laa , smack down dgn iwan , kcau akuu , mcm mcm laa . Tp die tk bnyk bwd hal , itu yg aku suka HAHA dia diam je . Bgus bgus ! He is the most naughty in our family -.- Suka gigit orng sengal betol ERR suka main tembak2 and aku jadi sasaran die . Tak kesian ke kt akak hahh ? One thing that make me feel not satisfied with this lilttle boy is , papa manja kn die lebih lebih smpai naik kepala kott HAHA tkpelah budak kecik . Guess what , aku nk mkn dr tady tak mkn mkn pn . dok lyn laptop je HAHA bye Im gonna eat =D

I Be The Host , You Be The Participant

andd take this one too ;)

Okayy , nana after this dont worry . I have private all your post at my wall from your mama HAHA talk about our schedule in school holidays . I have to woke up in the morning at 7 am to sweep and mopping , horrible isnt ? hurr -,- And continue with drying clothes at 9am put dirty clothes in washing machine and finnaly relaxx HAHA you must been asked aku tak lipat kain ke ? Ohh no ! I wont do that , if only forced . Kalau aku tak bwd semua nie , papa akn bad mood balik ruma and tahu nk marah jee -,-lgy pn dh ank dara . Kalau tk bwd kerja rumah memalukan je HAHA 

Good Morning Sunshinee :D

I woke up at 6 today , 40 minutes earlier and went straight to the shower . I dreamt something about hurr , a bit nightmare excatly to be -_- Okay , I just got back from taman rekriasi . Near to my aunty house . Jogging from 8am until 9am . And , watched tv *camp rock HAHA tottaly bored , amek lappy onlineee HAHAHA thats for sure , haiyee lapa dohhh . Teeha lapaaaa ! HAHA , Yeyy nextweek swimming with my hot peeps . And my cousin ask me to join her to WetWorld gila ahh , dh lame tak pegi . And due to Adikk results for upsr , paksu treat US to Sunway Lagoon HAHA naseb bkn die sorang jee yang pegi , klau tak mmg aku bwt muka jee *menyebok die pnye result tak bgos nk hadiah baek punye -_- hahha ! And mama tak tunaikn janji mama lagi ! You promise us , if Adikk got 5A's . You will bring us to Desa ParkCity :) ahooohooo , lame tak pegi , last pegy 3 bulan lepas T.T for sure aku akn main layang layang dkt sana nnt HAHA ! Bnyk gile mama janji nk bwk klau Adikk dpt the best results . Hurr hampehh -_- its okay , mama busyy . Petang nie aku engad nk naik basikal and round area ruma aunty akuu , pehhh aku tak confident aku reti lagi . HAHA takpe , basikal je kott . Nak pegy tamann , Aduhh nnt jumpa kawan lame aku . Majal jee , its okay . I will ride in this area only HAHA 

Walked At The Middle Is Implausible

This Ayda Rahim , tp name official die dkt facebook Ayda Dysnomia . Mesty semua tertanya - tanya , pebende "Dysnomia" ?! Tnye sendiri kt Ayda , aku tak amik tahu HAHA . Okay , first aku pndang kt die aku akn tengok mataa die . HAHA entah aku tak tahu knape . Die nie gile gile sikit , tahu nk pukul orng and shoot orng jee keje die . Dpt income kott , kdang - kdang die niee serius tp orng tak takot aku rase . And she's kinda "photogenic" hahh , nk tau sbab ape . Gambar die semua , ahh korang tengoklah sendiri .  Ayda Aydaa *click this link to get her facebook . Aku rase korang dh add die kott , yelaa friend die bnyk nk mampos T.T . Aku slalu jugak tengok blog minah niee , chantekkk ! and colourful HAHA , bile aku tekan jee bookmarks page . And tekan Robot Dancer , terpampang keluar "blog not found" time tu mmg aku mencarut jee dpn laptop . HAHA aku mntk laa kt die url blog die . Susah betol . Mcm mntk tanda tangan bintang Antarabangsa jee *cehh HAHA and then , die ckp die kasi aku laterr sbab die nk edit ape bende ntahh . okay lahh . pastu die anta kt inbox fb aku . lpas die hntr link aku blas

 S  : mcm tulah aydaa , tk kedekut Enhanced by Smiley Central hehe . *jgn mara
 A : aku pukul kaw nnt
 S  : kau nie taw nk pukul jee keje kn . hahaha
 A : sengal laaa
 S  : sewell HAHA , aku nk focus bce blog kau niee . shoo shoo , jgn kcau
 A : sohai

tahu keje nk pukul jee . Haiyee -_- So , Ayda klau kau tkr url blog . Inform lah babe' jgn kedekut , okay ? HAHA 
so toodles people ;)

You Are My Wonder Landd

Have you guys seen Eminem's latest song featuring Rihanna ? Love The Way You Lie . The video made me cry, twice. Let me repeat that . A video of 4 minutes and 27 seconds made me cry , twice . Seriusly , I guess Eminem nailed it this time , I have always admired the way he talks about life and relationships in his raps . This time , its just amazing , the way he did it. It shows how a love/hate relationship works , when two people meet and fall so deeply in love . How the guy is not able to control his raging temper and how the girl failed to leave everytime she said she would . Its like theyre so inlove that they cant imagine life without one another , but being together is destroying the both of them , both physically and mentally , you know ? The girl and the boy are no different , they have the same temper , spew out the same words , promises the same things and end up being in the same effed up situation . Its the same pattern . When things are good , they're great , feels like youre the luckiest person in the world , but when its bad , its horrible , you start doing things you dont intend to , say things you dont mean to say , without being able to control yourself . In the end , it hurts the both of you 

So Toodles people ;) Im going bed :'( Soryy nana ! facebook aku buat hal , tetibe tak bolah bukak . At first nk webbie beramai ramai , memandangkn tak rmai yg online . terbantut hajad -_-

If Life Deals You A Lemon , Make Lemonade , Want ?

Today was totally suck ! Okay tipu je . Not really today actually . I am in such at good mood to post something right now . Even actually I don't have any story , I mean an unsurpassed story that I can spread out until you turn mad at me like I am that cheap lady who slept with your boyfriend last night . Okay , shatttap -_- Im just fooling around . Bknnye betol pun -.- Hah , pasal post aku aritu , knapee ade certain manusia percaya aku bwd plastic surgeon ?! Ohh , mmg bangang laa sape yg percaya ! Aku bwd lawak laa , gelakk la sikit . Serius apehal ? Ohh , tak lawak ? Sape kesaaa . Just for your knowledge , now i am typing by using only one hand . My left hand is broken ! and definitely it is so painful . I am so un-lucky kn ? when I was on the way to sink to decrease the volume of kuah maggie of mine which had just boiled up . Now u can imagine how hot it is ? the bowl fell down when I have no effort to hold it anymore . Moment afterward , my family were silent , just echo of my scream . i was just thinking is my hand will look awful ? ugly ? BAD ? until this second , it looks just okay . But , auwhh . Pedihhh ! 

You Are Older Now

Shameer Suhairi , this appealing , fantastic , and chill of mine is turning fourteen today , finally (!) Well , he's still same age like me no matter what . booooo ! HAHAHA . Happy Birthday Dude ! May god bless your life (: ohh ya , have a good life ya :')


Thanks Nana , sbb sudi dgr problem relationship akuu and personal akuu . Jgn nanges tau bile bkak blog aku , kite kn slalu gelak evil , HAHA tp serius lahh , thanks sngt sngt 
Nana , thanks for everything ;)

Lets Do This Together

Tuesday, November 23

One Drops Lock Up An Ocean

things between me and Atiqah has settled . She sudden text me and trying to being honest to me and said sorry for all single mistake that she had done , and so do i . i miss her so badly . W were used to be together and sooo closed . But everything changed all this while . My dearest friend Atiqa Azman , sooooo sory if I hurt you for all this while yaa :'( and If I wrote something that make you feel annoyed , Im so sorry ! I really did'nt mean it . Again ! SORRY :'( masing masing dah terus terang . Tp aku masih rase yg ade yg myakitkn aku . Tp takpelah , klau aku straight sngt ngn die , takot die tk boleh terima . The best thing is aku pendam and diam kn je . Bkn ape , klau aku bersuara takot buda tu trus sentap andd friendship kiteorng going mess . So baik aku mengalah , mungkin buda nie suka ckp terus terang ape yg die tak suka dpn orng tu sndiri . But , everyone has feelings , bak kata orng melayu " Tapis dulu sebelum bercakap " aku tak taw betul ke tak . But mama always remind me . 


I miss This Moment So Badly :'(

this moment is perfect
please don’t go away
i need you now
bile aku dgr lagu nie , ade satu memory sengal dgn shafiq danial . Still remember ? Kelakar bile ingat HAHA hmm , bnde nie berlaku time kiteorng couple dulu . Okay , mcm ni mase tnggu azan maghrib utk berbuka puasa aku tengok tv smbil text lahh kn *haha pastu die tnye aku , 

S : sedap kn lagu yg tengah iklan nie ?
Me : A'ahh , sedapp .
S : ape tajok lagu nie ?
Me : Err , taktau lah . search kt youtube nnt haha
S : Ou okayy . This moment is perfect 
Me : This moment are CANON 

*haha sengal jee . serius 247 kiteorng text je keje HAHA tp takdelah kerap sngt *tipu tipu 

this is the best feeling <3

Pretty Awesome

This is created and paint by Teeha Khairy <3 . Oh men , it was really nice ;) Thank You Soo Much My Dearest <3 syg kau

Andd , this is Teeha <3 die mmg cantekk ! Kn kn kn ?

Sunday, November 21

We Will Get It

Nana Nana , haha . Its really fun chatting with her , she always make me laugh . Isyraf ckp nk belanja kiteorng . Nana suggest makan dkt popeyes , aku menidakkn ! sbb truely tak sedap -.- isn't Teeha ? Kn kn kn , tak sedap ! but Nana said " kau salah pilih tu , kau kne ikot aku  " me " okay , tapi tak salah cbe lagi sekali

Nana ckp , mlm nie tido lmbt . Ohh yes , I ussually sleep lately . HAHA spending all my time with editing photos :D theres nothing much I can do with . I miss my hot peeps badly :'( Miss our precious time together , gossips , talk shit about people , make some funny , and laugh until hurts . Ohmaygod , I miss that :'( 

Nights Walking Games ;)

Do you usually sleep with your closet door open or closed ?
I did'nt look at my closet door everytime i want to sleep . sorry :(
Who do you think reads these ?
Ashton Kutcher (?)
Do you have a calendar in your room ?
I put it in my purse and my purse in my bedroom now . So yes is my answer . Hee
Where are you ?
Im here . Why ? Do you miss me ?
Are you reading any books right now ?
Nope .
Do you ever count your steps when you walk ?
Sometimes , tp mcm nk muntah pun ade lepas tu haha
Do you chew your pens and pencils ?
Erhh , tidak sama sekali
What is your "Song of the Week" ?

Just A Dream - Nelly 
DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again - Usher
Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Please Don't Go - Mike Posner
What's My Name? - Rihanna
Is it okay for guys to wear pink ?
Its up to their interest but its digusting actually .Haha
Do you still watch cartoons ?
Hage-hagemaru -_______-
What is your favourite love movie ?
All girls do love TITANIC i guess . Am i right ?
What movies could you watch over and over and still love ?
One set of Pirates Of The Carribean .
Last person you hugged ?
Wait , i can't remind . err , 
When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper ?
Last week . 
Best thing to eat for breakfast ?
A burger which my mom fashion it by herself . Nuttela 
When you were a kid, what did you dress up for halloween ?
Id dressed like Rihanna in Umbrella music video . hahaha *pegi tgk blk kalau lupe
Which are better , legos or licoln logs ?
Legos for me . I never know how to play licoln logs correctly .
Ever eat a pierogi ?
huhh ? yg mcm karipap tu ea ?
Do you believe in ghost ?
I just believe it but i will never think about it or imagine how it looks like . what the ?
Nike or Adidas ?
I dont mind . both i dont like actually
Ever cried because u were so happy ?
Heh , ape kebendanye tu ? :\
Ever had plastic surgery ?
Twice . at my breast and my hump
Do you want to get married ?
Of course . wel ,  i have a human sense same as megan fox .
Do you miss anyone right now ?
Yes sir . anak Azman and anak Khairy please ?
Who do you want to see right now ?

Ahmad Wared bin Mokhtar bin Abdul Rahim