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Wednesday, November 24

If Life Deals You A Lemon , Make Lemonade , Want ?

Today was totally suck ! Okay tipu je . Not really today actually . I am in such at good mood to post something right now . Even actually I don't have any story , I mean an unsurpassed story that I can spread out until you turn mad at me like I am that cheap lady who slept with your boyfriend last night . Okay , shatttap -_- Im just fooling around . Bknnye betol pun -.- Hah , pasal post aku aritu , knapee ade certain manusia percaya aku bwd plastic surgeon ?! Ohh , mmg bangang laa sape yg percaya ! Aku bwd lawak laa , gelakk la sikit . Serius apehal ? Ohh , tak lawak ? Sape kesaaa . Just for your knowledge , now i am typing by using only one hand . My left hand is broken ! and definitely it is so painful . I am so un-lucky kn ? when I was on the way to sink to decrease the volume of kuah maggie of mine which had just boiled up . Now u can imagine how hot it is ? the bowl fell down when I have no effort to hold it anymore . Moment afterward , my family were silent , just echo of my scream . i was just thinking is my hand will look awful ? ugly ? BAD ? until this second , it looks just okay . But , auwhh . Pedihhh !