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Sunday, October 31

Smerry Berry ;)

Gila . Bila nk cuti sekolah nie ? Bosan lah asyik skolah -___- Haihh , hmm actually I dont have any idea what to updates right now . In my hurricane mind EMPTY ! -___- errr , oh okayy lets talk about some silly person damn fucking in facebook . I have noticed this FUCK thing long time ago . Okay , mcm nie I dont understand why most of people in facebook like to tag thier photos to thier friends ( including me ) okay , FYI aku akan tag gamba kau SENDIRI klau aku suka , tk pyh mnyusah kn diri kau tag utk aku . Not need , kau fikir kau HOTT lah tag orng bnyk2 kt gamba kau then orng comment blalala . Errr , not at all . Gamba klau cantik tkpe lah . Aiyerrr -__- Aku FUCK orng mcm tu . Orng yg kau tag , comment gamba kau , notification aku penuh sbb BNDE YG TIADA KAITAN DGN AKU ! tk ke BODOH tu ? please lah , jgn fikir bnde tu bole bwd kau HOTT ! I dont eat those FUCKING THINGS . Mirror your face first lah -,-  

I have change my numb , Thank You 

Saturday, October 30

Wheeephewww ! HAHA

Kinda Knackered :)

not in the mood -____-

my lilt bro is watching 616 ( cartoon network ) kinda wierd , because the cartoon is talking in bhasa kelantan . Whoaa , ini mesti Isyraf azlan pham , btol tk ? HAHA drpd tkde mood trus boley tergelak mcm orng gila tngok cerite cartoon bodoh nie HAHA . I think im not using my sim longer . Hureyyy , HAHA Im sick , bcuz in one week I have to topup 2-3 times . Aiyerr TIRED ! So , I decide to stop using that sim . And decide either I buy a new sim pack that my hot peeps are talking about . I meant Hot Tickets HAHA ! Err , if I asked mama to buy new sim pack , surely she will smashed me up *Laughingg Yess , finnaly Atiqa give me a new song that she promised to give me . Thanks Atiqa , I love you crazy girl :D

Fantastinc Frozen Dream :)


  • Follow them around the house everywhere .
  • Moo when they say your name.
  • Run into walls .
  • Say that wearing clothes is against your religion .
  • Stand over them at four in the morning with a huge grin on your face and say , good morning sunshine
  • Pluck someone's hair out and yell , DNA .
  • Wear a sticker that says , I’m a retard .
  • Have 20 imaginary friends that you talk to all the time .
  • In public yell, "No Mom / Dad , I will not make out with you !"
  • Do what they actually tell you .
  • Jump off the roof , trying to fly .
  • Hold their hand and whisper to them , I see dead people .
  • At everything they say yell , Liar .
  • Try to swim in the floor .
  • Tap on their door all night .

haha !

Friday, October 29

Goshhh , terrible rite ? HAHA !

 sumpah lawak mmt nie pose
Heyy , actually i dont know this guy identity . As muchh , Shiera told us about this silly boy . He try to tacle sheira sis ( kak Ayu ) lucikly sheira sis ignore this boy *Laughing  As Shiera told me , he just sentt this ugly picture to her sis , and you know what ! Me , Teeha and Atiqa get loud of laughing  . HAHA I told them , i will get this in my blog , go to this link , and read all comments HAHA !

click this !

Ours :)

This is the way WE release tension . HAHA ! end doing khb (ert) paper , Teeha asked me to pass this small tiny note to Atiqa , involve in this crazy thngy is my hott peeps Teeha and Atiqa :) ILYSDFM 

pensil        : Teeha
pen biru    : Syaz
pen hitam : Atiqa

Most terrible thingy HAHA me and Teeha continued with silly note passing . We like to talk about creepy dudes and babes in class HAHA ! soryy guys , Atiqa cant join us chit chat . Because , she had a blast time . Thats it , bed time storyy *Laughingg  

I Need You Next To Me !

awww , this song are really awesome ! seriusly , reminds me alot of funny thingy around and superb memory *Laughingg examined its lyrics , huhh already to cry . I cant survive without you here by my side :) 


i love this girl damn muchh ! HAHA sengal . comel kn dia ? yess , comel ! 

Sunday, October 24

♥ dunia - bunkface

Saturday, October 23

Ohh , She's Back !

A Peace Of Mind

Yesterday I had my serius flu and bad fever . Mama ask me to took medication , then atiqa said she had a bad fever . Well , this must be transmitted by this hot peep HAHA Im doing my historycal exercise . Then , my fone vibrated like usually . I reply , no focus at my historical book at all *Laughing Last night I dont know why I just fun to smiley *Big laughh ! Then , my cousin watched Mari Menari . I joined them . And the host shouted (Awal Ashaari) "Mari kita saksikan si isteri melawan kelembutan si suami" mostly like that lahh . Then i said ..

Me     : Eh , biar betol suami dia lembut ? Pondan ke . *Laughing
A girl : Otak kau . Maksud dia , lembut dari segi tarian lah bodoh 
Me     : Ou really ? Kau bodoh bodoh . Aku lempang kau nk ? 
A girl : IDC ! dah lah , pegi blaja sbelom Mak Ngah memekak kt sini . Orang nk tngok tv pun tk senang
Me     : ~dushhh hambek kau -,- RUNNN !
A girl : Kau apehal nk baling2 bantal ? 
Me     : Saje nk carik pasal . Jom gadoh ?
A girl : Pegilah main text ke , blaja ke or else online . Myusahkn hidup orng je keje -,- 
Me     : Alohhh , semue tu bored lah -,- byebye lah sengol . I want to get a map .
A girl : Great idea !
Me     : Bodoh -,-
A girl : Pergilah tidur , tadi kechoh 
Me     : Yg kau sebok apehal ? Im on my way -,- 

Hahh , one of papa related in Jakarta , ask me to be her "Guru Bahasa" I can only laughing , laughing and laughing . Okay fine with that , she asked me then .. Terrible HAHA ! I checked fb notification and I just read a photo comment from Isyraf azlan facebook , in my heart say "Bodoh jeles ngn kwn , kelas sama plak tu ? HAHA *big laugh . sumpah bodohh !" Nonsense . 

Cold As You :)

presiden UMNO cakap " bangang " . cikgu , boleh saya guna perkataan itu dalam karangan saya ? LOL bodoh bukan ? mesti dpt full marks ! haha 

yess , papa away to Bidor for 2-3 days . FREEDOM ! *laughingg , but he bring lappy . Kedekut -,- klau nk pinjam mama pnye , sure she will say "dont care bout the lappy , just go with your book kakak . Focus to your final exam" and i will say "ma , please lend the lappy for me just for awhile" and mama will smashed me up " your awhile just like a years kakak ," aiyerr . kedekut -,- errr , this 2-3 days my phone just vibrate like usually . Yesterday , papa just topped up 20 for me . I was like "mimpi ape orng tua nie ? HAHA " Teeha said "Aku geram lah bile tngok topp up aku ade lagi" i said "Kau gile ke ? Aku lagi suke top up aku lmbt habes" both laughingg HAHA Yesterday my hot peeps told me about horror story happends in their old school . Whoaa , after listened it , I was like "Apehal diorng cerite ? Mcm mne nk naik ruma nnt ? haduhh " luckily theres nothing happend while im climbing the stairs *Big laugh . Smpai je ruma . Aku terus bukak pintu . Bodoe benor ank johari 2 nie , kunci pintu apehal , nk mgetok satu hal korang dlm ruma nk bkk pintu , banggang ! Masok je aku maki die *jahat gyle aku HAHA act , aku takot kt luar tu . Dh lah gelap nk mampos , stiap hari aku asyik tersadong bnde then jatuh , nasib tkd orng nmpk HAHA . 

Atiqa just gave me some new song :) Thanks babe' . You'll have to read this dailog

atiqah : weyy , aku ade lagu bru 
syaza  : ape ?
atiqah : klau aku kasi taw , sure kau addicted gyle ngn lagu nie
syaza  : APE ? kasi lah tau
atiqah  : tk bolee
               nnty ko asyk mnynyi je at telinge ak
syaza   : alahhhh , kasi lah tau 
atiqah : tak mau lah 
syaza  : hmmm :/ bg lahhh !
atiqah : HAHA sesuai utk buda2 kpel niee
syaza  : kasi lah tau !
atiqah  : sweet gyle .
syaza  : ksi lah tau 
atiqah : aku nk out , mama aku srh mandy 
syaza  : alaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , kasi lah tau
atiqah : tnggu aku addicted lagu laen , bru aku ksi kt kau lgu tuu
syaza  : how dare you ?
atiqah : HAHAH 
aku tnggu babe ! Jgn bwd2 lupe plak nk kasi lagu tu HAHA

fyi , atiqah azman mmg suke mmbuli syaza syahirah ! Hobby die HAHA :DD 

im addicted to this song HAHA unbeliveable

credit to atiqah azman :)

Happy For That Rite ? FUCKK OFF lah weyh -,-

I thought I could do this start believing in you , but you hurt me so much , I just don't know what else to do . I don't want to see and talk to you , I'm afraid I may break . I should have known all along I was making a mistake . To trust and having friend relationship with bitch like you ! I don't even know why I bothered to try , I knew all along you'd be the one to my mood spoiled EVERYDAY ! Yess , cant you please just do your own bussiness . And so am i . Pleasee , I dont think i should have friend like you . Always talk shit behind of me . And blabla . I should have realized you were all the same , but why is it so hard to even say your name ? You were the only one I decided to let in , when people ask "what happened ?" , I won't know where to begin . I thought I could trust you , but bitch was I wrong so , I have to pretend , and I have to be strong with your bitchy mouth . I can't think about you , I have to keep myself together , it doesn't matter that I thought you would be in my life forever . I have to be strong , I can not cry , I have to avoid your gaze , I can not look you in the eye . Things will be hard , you were helping me through , but no longer do I have any trust within you . I have to pretend , I won't let anybody else in , you were the one that make my mood spoiled all the time , I guess you win . I shouldn't let it get to me , but I thought you truly cared , I don't know if I trust you with all of the secrets I shared . I can not explain how angry I feel , I still don't believe that any of this is real . Everyone said like "Eh , diorng bkn kwn baik ke ? Boley pulak minah tu kutok kwn sndiri ? " In my heart said "Well , excuse me ! Im not hoping that you're my besties for ever -,- she's pulling me all the time , cant i just like ahh , berambus lah kau . Or , kau boley tk lepas kn tangan aku , rimas lahh . " Ofcourse I just follow her , if u guys is having the same right problem like i was . Surely you will do the same right thngy that im doing . Hard to believe this . When my blast friend told everything to me . I was like WHAT THE HELL WITH THIS BITCH ? -,-  Im gonna watch what u will do or keep talking shits about your own BFF . You better regrets for what u had talked shits about your friends , before they know and HATE you bitch ! Seriously , you'll might say "Its a normal thingy , friends usually keeps talking shits about us behind of us so many times .And without shyness , they show their hypocrisy in front of them who be their covered enemy and pretend that they are loyal friends who so called bestfriend forever die together 

*bitch if you are reading this , Im glad . You wanna take it seriusly or funny ? I dont care -,-

Whatch This Out Hot Peeps :)

thats what you get :)

A Little Too Late :p

A quick short post ,
Im not gonna post about the camp due to my kinda - busy schedule and Ill be inactive for awhile . My exam is just around the corner , so I have to study and all . But , I wont be completely inactive , cant stand a day without the net actually . But my mama often using lappy , so date ngn buku jelah *Big laughh . Almost there . Me , atiqa , teeha and sheira had our blast time before examination HAHA . Sorang selseme , sorang demam , sorang batuk , sorang tkd suara . Pehhh , what a comlete fever *Laughingg . Awesome babe' nk dekat exam sakit - sakit pulak . Best kn . Kn Kn ? Angguk je . HAHA omg , imisshim badly ! I miss to text him like before *Laughing I want get back to the old , when the phone would ring . And knew it was you , stop it syazaa HAHA  act lagu tuu . isn't nana ? Angguk je *evil laugh . But , truely imissit damn muchh ! Huhh . Mak long baked chocolate cake , hoho . melantak je keje HAHA . And and , mak long make Almond London for me *Laughingg her Almond London superb ! Nk sikit ? Come to my aunty house . Address ? Ask me later . 

zulfiqa , ily dear and and
Im happy to be yours and and , im glad you're mine♥ ♥   

see you'll at next post . Toodles :)

Sunday, October 17

haha ! sumpah bodoh -,-

Gone With The Sins -,-

 I think he is not sucking cigarattes , but unfortunately he says that he is sucking in the *m*** but he want to stop doing the hell thingy . Wowww , I'm shocked . I'm gonna cry already there . But what to do any kind . Errr -,- . I ate cheese cake that my mama baked yesterday ahead of laptop listen to the song . Awww men , I'm satisfied to say " I'm suffering with my dad , so please dont burden me at all with that suction ." Errr -,-

Saturday, October 16

Setoohpid . HAHA

haha , sengol -,-

Sincerly , Me

For everyone,
I am really sorry for being selfish and being myself,
I am really sorry for bitching around,
I am really sorry if I was being nasty to any of you on purpose,
I am really sorry if you guys taking me forgranted.
I am really sorry for being sarcastic right now.

I am sorry if I keep on hurting any of you .
I am sorry for all those meaningless fights ,
I am sorry for all the things that I just flew by ,
I am sorry for never giving my ears and be there for you guys ,
I am sorry if we argued so much over nothing ,
I am sorry for my swaying emotions ,
I am sorry if you dont like the things I say, or do ,
I am sorry if I keep on repeating the same mistakes ,
I am sorry if I ever hit you guys when I am mad ,
I am sorry if I ruin your day whenever mine's bad ,
I am sorry for being sorry ,

I am really sorry for my mistakes .
I am really sorry and I really mean it . :)

Sorry for letting you down , dear .
But we're back together now . I mean like hell-o , since the beginning , HE IS MINE :)

P/s : I love you boy ♥

David Archuleta - Something 'Bout Love

lagu nie lah yg akn aku ngn shiera nyanyi bile bored + nk lepas kn tension *Laughingg . Aku tahu , klau kau bce post nie , mesti kau tnga mnyanyi skarang kn *Laughingg 

There’s something ’bout love

That breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh
It sets you free 

There’s something ’bout love
That tears you up
Whoa oh oh oh
You still believe
When the world falls down like the rain
It’ll bring you to your knees
There’s something ’bout love that breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh…
But don’t give up
There’s something ’bout love

Hey It's You The Bitch Right ? Yelah Kau Lahh Sape Lagiii -,-

VITURE FANC fuckk off lah wey ! boley pegi mati -.- kau pikir bgus sngt lah ? errr , 

wahai warga semekar , jika anda terserempak or terjumpa dngn ini fuker Ahlif Ahnaf ini sila lah tunjuk fuck or maki hamun dia . syaza kasi lesen HAHA ! maki je dia , sumpahh lah dia nie mmg nk mati doeee ! 

*geli aku tngokkk ! HAHA 

I Have Thought That So ,

I dont know whats wrong with you bitch , just take care of your own ass , and i take care mine -,- kau tanye aku dngn muke bodoh sombong kau tu 

# korang tk date ke ?
=ade , asl ?
#tkdelahh , aku tnye je .
=ou , okay then ( bwt muke ) kau ade msalah ke ? or else , kau kne red att*ck ? -.-
#hahh ? mane ade ( bwt muke )
=fine , ( kau pikir kau sorang je ke boley bwd muke ? #*/! aku pun boley lahh -,- errr )

*yg biru tu aku 

I knew that kau pernah batak ngn bf aku , *Laughinggg Even skarng pun kau still having SS problem . But who cares ? I tell you what , I think you just need attention , but people ignore you tottaly , HAHA pitiful for you bitch ! You think with your fuck-ng funny I'll laugh at all ? Not at all . Errr . You know what , most of the 2 *#/ and my superb class mates , hate you ! Thank You . Kau boley pegi mati lahh -,-

Tuesday, October 12

Erkk ?


Super Daydreamer

I'm aware that I don't spend so much time on blogging for the moment . Unlike previously where I'd spent most of my seconds to show my ability on blabber here . Uh well , I haven't do anything much these few days . Except for , I utilize most of my time neatly on the bed . Sleeping . *Laughing . I had my webcam with my hott peeps teeha , uya , arni , syakira , husna *suprisingg and arni sister . I forgot her name , haiyooo i love them fucking muchh (big laugh) heyy , teeha u looks like barbie doll ! seriusly babe . i think u moremore preetier than the barbie doll HAHA 

iloveyouguys soomuchh

hobby :) HAHA

okayy , i had nothing to do . so , editt photo lahh HAHA ! 

Friday, October 8

press the button up , please ?

Thanks For Understand me .
I've tried to be nice with you .
But then You called me 'sampah' I felt want to kill you that time .
but ,
It was Past .
And I'll try to forget it .
Us might be nice soon .
So thanks there :)

laughsss !

my hott peeps know , how much i love to laughs ! HAHA , stiap hari tk sah kott klau tk gelak , even klau badmood pun mesti punye akn gelak , HAHA , aku boley tergelak bile dngr nana gelak ! haha , sumpa lah aku pun tktaw knape babe' HAHA , terkena enfaction , haha ! sheira pun same , die klau gelak mmg tk ingat dunia , pakwe hensem jln kt sbelah pun tk hirau , haha ! arni klau gelak , kteorng pnggil gelak "evil" sumpah die gelak tk tahan doe , boley sakit hati bile dngar HAHA ! tk saba nk msok skolah doee *excited

running off the tracks

Hey hey hey . Im being so unproductive today . All I did is sleep , online , eat , watch the boring telly , and more eat . My feet hurts so bad after a long night yesterday . Anyway , I am completely aware that holiday is almost over . Two more days to go and back to prison hell again . I have no idea what might my finale exam result will turn out . Good ? Bad ? A disaster ? who knows . I was enjoying my holiday too much that I didnt have time to worry about school nor my result . Oh . Which reminds me , I get to meet my babes at school again. So get ready for juicy gossip alright girls ;) see you'l at school yaa :) cant wait :p
hey you , this for you :) haha !

Okay my heart is actually pounding everytime my I see you ;)

just way to far :/

Okay , a few days before finale exam . quite worry , but I am ready for the war I guess cehh . sraight A's ? aww men , keep dreaming syazaaa , huhu . mama said , "the mostt important is , no E , D ! okay ? mama mane yg tk nk ank die dpt A , klau tkde , u better watchout !" urghhhh , stress jugak , hmmm , ape boley buad . 

mood : study :) 

brick by awesome brickk

still in mood raya :) haha , tp raya tahun nie tk bestt . haha ! tktaw knape . yess , a few minutes lgy mama nk kluar . yeyy , FREEDOM ! haha , last night i got my math revision , damnn ! bru aku sedar , yg aku tk pham satu hapak pun cekgu besa tu ajar . then mama ajar , naseb baek msok otakk . haha ! then nana text me , srh online , i ask mama to have break :) luckily mama kasi , then online punye online , coment punye coment . makan kjap , smbung balek , haha ! aku slalu ckp dlm hati , syazaaa kau slalu kutok cekgu besa tu , tk baek taw . tngok satu hapakk pun kau tk pham , padan muke ! tp ape boley buad , dahh cekgu tu ANNOYED sangat , sape yg tahan ? kau ckp sikitt , haha . sjarah lagi satu hal , bnyk bnde nk kne bwd excercise , klau tk mama 24 hours memekak , sure die akn ckp "online 24 hours , wheres your study ? boley dpt straight A ?" errr , okay mama , haha !

okay hott peeps , thats all :)

hallelujahh HAHA

awww , paramore ! ilove them , Hayley Williams awesomee babe' haha ! 

Hayley Williams , goshhh . preety ! haha . 
the only exception , thats what u get & decode *awesome
nana , atiq , teeha , shiera , mek arny , uyaa , isyraf , ameenkepo , and aku lepak at mcd ya allah , bnyk gila kjadian yg mnyeram kn brlaku doeee , lawak plak tuu . haha ! ade pakcik hensem dtg kt meja kteorng mntk mknan , atiq muke kau mmg dh takott gile HAHA , teeha boleyh plak usha pakcik tu gne mirror arny . HAHA ! semue glabah . naseb ade abg kening chentekk dtg halau pakcik tu . abg mate kening ckp 'excuse me pleasee (abg kening chantek tunjuk jln kluar)' ngn muke hampa pakcik tdy tu kluar lahh dr mcd , HAHA ! aku , nana , uya , shiera tergelak mcm orng gila dnga abg kening chantekk tu halau pakcik tu . superb lah abg keningg chantekk HAHA ! ade pulakk kaka - kaka annoyed yg lunch kt situ gelak2 kn kteorng , deii tk pernah tngok burger jatoh ke ? adoyaiii , sian opah . HAHA ! burger tepelanting time pose nk cap picc . tkpe x rmai nmpk kott HAHA ! nie picc kaka annoyed yg dtngkp oleh syazanana ,

kak , jgn bajet good - good boley ? annoyed tahu -,-
 pastu israf dtg ngn kepo , lepak2 , cap picture , borak2 pastu nana ajk g casstop baru . diorng shopping then jln - jln cap picc bodoe jea HAHA ! kepo tk abes2 nk karoke2 , atiqa dngn rela hatii nya belanja kami ! bhhahahah THANKS ATIQ ! suare shiera ngn nana sumpa sedappp ! diorng nyanyi lagu "matahariku" terangkat doee mse nana tarik suare die part "dengarkn lah ku , matahari kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" HAHA aku ngn teeha gelakk je dlm bilik tu , haha . tp best lah suare sheira ngn nana . semue tk pcaye doe suare shiera semantappp tu , well tengok lah opah sape , haha ! 

teeha , syg kau ! HAHA 

nana , syg kau ! HAHA 

ameen , haha !

sweet kn diorng ? hehe . *jgn mara ! 

atiqa , syg kau ! 


kitaaa *bkn carefree ea , agk2 sket :D

arni and uyaa love u guys more more 

mase balek aku ngn atiq je tahu ape yg tjadi . sumpah besttt . weyhhhh laen kly bwd lagy ea :) besttt doe . HAHA kteorng mmg jln kaki but stengah jln jee , then papa atiq amek kt simpang mne tah . papa atiq lmbt so  , bwd photografi la kjap . haha ! bnyk gile bnde jadi , kteorng lalu kt blakang fun fair , ade mmt bangla sial ngh wat keje die , die nmpk kteorng lalu smbil tergelak mcm orng gila . die tngok kteorng pastu aku ckp ngn atiq "weyy apehal ngn mmt bangla tu " atiq tngok , then mmt bangla tu ckp apetah smbil baling besi yg die pegang , aku pikir die nk baling kt kteorng . haduhhhh , bwd gabra je -,- . bodoe lah bangla nie , bwd jelah keje kau , aku tk kacau kau berak pun -.- nk hentak2 besi plak . mcm bagos , annoyed -,- atiqa , laen kly bwd mcm nie lagy taw ! aku suke , haha

thanks for atiqa , teeha , sheira , nana , uya , arni , amen , israf , kepo ! superb doeee . syg korang moremore