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Saturday, October 23

A Little Too Late :p

A quick short post ,
Im not gonna post about the camp due to my kinda - busy schedule and Ill be inactive for awhile . My exam is just around the corner , so I have to study and all . But , I wont be completely inactive , cant stand a day without the net actually . But my mama often using lappy , so date ngn buku jelah *Big laughh . Almost there . Me , atiqa , teeha and sheira had our blast time before examination HAHA . Sorang selseme , sorang demam , sorang batuk , sorang tkd suara . Pehhh , what a comlete fever *Laughingg . Awesome babe' nk dekat exam sakit - sakit pulak . Best kn . Kn Kn ? Angguk je . HAHA omg , imisshim badly ! I miss to text him like before *Laughing I want get back to the old , when the phone would ring . And knew it was you , stop it syazaa HAHA  act lagu tuu . isn't nana ? Angguk je *evil laugh . But , truely imissit damn muchh ! Huhh . Mak long baked chocolate cake , hoho . melantak je keje HAHA . And and , mak long make Almond London for me *Laughingg her Almond London superb ! Nk sikit ? Come to my aunty house . Address ? Ask me later . 

zulfiqa , ily dear and and
Im happy to be yours and and , im glad you're mine♥ ♥   

see you'll at next post . Toodles :)