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Friday, December 31

Hoyeah , Bring It On

This is obviously my last post for 2010 . Just a few minutes away from 2010 and yes , its gonna be soo suck ! Im not going anywhere on New Year's Eve , yang lain dah overnight di Kl . Im not going with them , I changed my mind , cause I'd rather stay home with my family , watching tv with my yummy hot chocolate by my side , some mini marshmallows , my favorite blanket , pillows and yeah a few dvd's of course . Ahhh , peace and quiet , just the way I like it :) In just 5minutes before 12am I got 3texted from my buddies . Ohh man out of credits , damnit ==' 
So people ,


Mission Accomplished

One of the things that we couldn't forget throughout our lives is , memories . Furthermore if it is attached to the people we feel affection for the most in this world . I had the very precious weekend that I had lost since only - god - knows today . I woke up at 11:30am and insteadly grab my phone . And texted Shahira , okayy she give greenlights to come and joined us hang just around Rawang town . Syazana said "Nie last utk 2010 , lpas nie focus PMR" Ohoiii besttt do , Nazurah is coming with us . Because Syazana has no one to accomponied her to bus stand , Teeha is not coming with us this time . She kinda busy with school preparations . Its okay , myb next time . We had our lunch at Mcd , satu je yang dalam otak aku "Gilaa ramai orng :O" like usually Syazana and Shahira gian mahu menyanyi . 2jam diorng melalak , then time is on 5:30 . everyone was rushing to packed home . Haa Nazurah takot mummy die :O tak habis habis cakap "Weyh Nana jalan cepat sikit" Takot mummy ye kakNazurah kite ? Then Shahira said just straight away go to Kfc . Because her sista was dating with her boyfriend there , so on we walked to Kfc and her sista was not there , amboii akak nak hide and seek pulak yee . Then her sista called , she said that she is going to IceTime . So insteadly we go there , kakak die takda lagi . Haiyaa , then I suggest to her . Lepak dulu makan ice cream smbil tunggu kakak kau habis date , panas niee do . Then she agree , eat eat eat and eat snap picture then her sista came . Lpas tu balik , seram do kakak kau bwk kereta . Tp bestt ! I was home at 7:05pm huihh lambat gilaa , tp chillax je . Mama pergi Tesco Selayang . Hahaha , Syazana next time lepak IceTime jelah . Mcd crowded lah ==' Atiqah and Isyraf , gilaa comel do korang ! Tee same kott . Cotaa <3

Life Is Temporary

Ehh apesal blog aku gilaa ramai page view harini ? Pelik ==' bkn nk bangga ke ape lah kann , hahaha' 

Growing up brings me down and it scares me to death .

I have been feeling so sad , and depressed lately . My mind is thinking about billion different things at once . And I dont even know why . I just want things to stay the same or something . I never do well with the change . I can't help myself from thinking how fast this year went by . Just yesterday , it seemed like I was a form 2 student and now I am about to start my last year being a school's student , form 3. For fourteen years , it has been such a rollercoaster . I dont like bringing negativity upon myself , but it happens . It is reality .

So much has happened this year . The good and the bad . But I know , I need to pass that and look beyond it . Growing up is not what I thought it would be . It is saddening :( I cant always expect everything to go well kan ? It is life , not cinderella story in disney . 2011 will have way too many fears , too many tears , too many dissapointments and way too many goodbyes . *broken heart .

I wish 2010 could stay little longer ..
I just wanna start again . 

Thursday, December 30

Shut The Fuck Up

Hey there is a reason that people dont like you , and finally , thanks god , you have successfully caused me to join them .

Honestly , this is how I feel of about 75 percent of people that I know .

Just shut the fuck up . Okay ? Im really tired of you . REALLY TIRED . Doing that annoying giggly thing you do , where you pretend to be ***** and **** or something else that you think makes you look cool , then you laugh in a really high pitch that scientist are sure humans cannot achieve . Ya even remember when you used to be okay and not annoying ? Err . Me neither .

And tolonglah weh , jangan terasa sangat . Tak batak aku nak tulis pasal kau kat sini . It's people like you why my mood is ruined . This not speacial credit to my dearest friends for sure ==' Thank you

Is He Stupid Or Deaf? Or Both?

Just now , a-hmm , well Idk , a moron , I guess , called me 

Weirdo : Hi!
Me : Aaa ?
Weirdo : Buat ape?
Me : Tidur 
Weirdo : Kacau ke?
Me : Aah
Weirdo : Duduk mana?
Me : Rumah
Weirdo : Rawang en?
Me : Haaa ahh
Weirdo : Umur berapa?
Me : 14
Weirdo : Form?
Me : 14
Weirdo : Hah? Form brape tadi? Ye pn nak menipu agk lah wak. F2 kan?
Me : ??*hung up

Psychotic =='

Another Day In My Bubble

Last night Malaysiaa wonn ! Deepduudahh , melantak Mcd smbil tngok bola ramai ramai . Mcm biasa , riuh rendah . Baru satu gol utk Malaysia , kecohh benor ==' . Apakah yang anda dengar semasa Indon berjaya golkan pada malam semalam . Bersama budak2 sengal dirumah ? Check this :

= Kann aku dah cakap , Malaysia main kat Indon takde luck laa . Cube buat kt Afrika . Sure menang *gelabahh je =='
= Habis lah Malaysiaa , ketinggalan jauhh nampaknyaa
= Bengap betol penjaga gol Malaysia , tangkap betul betul lah bola tu ,
= Shitt mann !

Haiyaaa , sakit telinga aku ==' Atiqaaa , semalam gelaak besaa je kan wehh . Hahaha , masukkan jantung anda :] Aku lupa doh nk tnye minah tuu smlm . Tp aku dh tngok kt fb , hahaha . Aku rase kau pun tau kann kan ? Kelakar lah dorang nie . Bestt Teeha , notification bersepah ? Hahaha , padan muka kauu :p 

1 Day To Go ==' Fakktap

Wednesday, December 29

The Reason I Smile :)

From all my girls , which one looks likes MeganF ? Auchh I think Arni :p hehe jgn marah weyh . MeganF HOTT tauu . Jgn main gilaa HAHA

hey yoo :) I woke up and take bath . Ohh god gilaa sejuk , then mama ajk pegi selayang mall nk pegi pejabat pelajaran daerah apekejadah tah ==' haiyee . Uruskan pasal adikk la nie ==' aku pulak kene ikot , kau enjoy je tau kan . Bingai ==' But thats okay , I bought a school beg at Playez . Wahh Teeha gilaa lawa tee die do , aku beli wehh . Jgn jelous :p

Syazana ku cantik lagi menawan lagi tertawan :) I have finished edit your gadget in your blog kakak manis ;) Btw , sorry aku tak ckp nk bukak kau pnye blog ehh . Kredit oo.0 , hehe . Lpas nie boleh lah I like your post kann ? Bhahaha . Adik kau jgn sedih dik , rezeki ada punyaa mrsm berlambak . Muahaha , there must be technical error . Chill je :] Adik said "Ape nie sha , sume kwn aku takdpt msuk Sbp" I shouted to her "Ape kau pikir sume die nak amik skrng ? Ehh tunggu lah ! Alamak haii ==' . Its okay , mcm mama ckp . Sabar ituu separuh dari iman , Upsr kau tkdpt . Pmr still have for you tu sunshinee :D

I just finished studied my Mathematics is giving me alot of pressure ==' Andd Syazaaa after this dont eat any seafood food okay dear ? Enough of that , pimple fakk yaa ==' Tulah tak dgr ckp baba lagi , haa' serves me up . NanoWhite come to me , Ineedyouu :'( 
Okay people , see you at the next post . Atiqaaa I have something to tell you ! Text jomm , sure kau gelak besaaaa punya lah doee :))

2 Days To Go ==' Damn It 


Let me straight to the point . This is SYAZA SYAHIRAH OFFICIALLY BLOGSPOT . I have the right to post anything what I want . Who are you to judge me through my post and sibuk kutuk sana sini ? Don't hate me untill I give you a reason , don't judge me untill you know the whole story . I don't give you any reason to hate me . I have my own attitude which is different as yours . Therefore , I don't force anybody to like or love me . I love my life and if you cannot live or love your own life , you are vividly dead ! Herr , and sorry to being straight =='

My Conversation With Mama :)

Mama : Tolong mama pasangkan kipas
Me : Nokia C3 <3
Mama : Whatever
Me : Dah janji , tunaikan janji anda =='
Mama : Im watching your attitude . I never broke my promise , you the one who broke the promise 
Me : Yeah yeah ==' whatever but I still want my C3-00 for sure . Harharhar

Tuesday, December 28


Sunny evening :) Ohh hello sun , just open Shafiq blog . Waa , tergelak besaa kot I bace blog you . Ouu , tukar numb tak bagi tauu ==' Patut lah phone I senyap je every noon . Yelahh , tengahari gilaa bosann kot . So text jelah yang boleh hilang rasa bosan :) Ohh and I found alot you mention my name :) Wahh *bangga nie Terima Kasihh :D Tersedak - sedak I . Haa , mention nama orang dlm blog sendiri for nice things . Thats was great , tkpyh nk mention mention name aku pasal bnde yang memalukan aku . Pasal lelaki nk petik petik name aku ? Such a chilldish ==' Well , I try to be nice with you . Tp klau dh kau buat mcm tu fikir senang aku nk rancak ngn kau balik ? Ohh pleasee lah weyh , jgn smpai jd musuh sudah laa . Aku bkn suka musuh musuh nie , kau ngn aku pun dah lama kawan since standart six . So behave your self andd be matured . And aku still sayang kau weyhh . Jgn ingat aku tak sayang kau tau :'(

Good Afternoon :)

Things that need to do today . 5 is enough , I guess .

1. Do revision for Mathematics and Histry .
2. Clean up my wardrobe .
3. Read at least 20 pages of Saints vs Sinners
4. Take a bath . Two times today . ( LMAO )
5. EXERCISE for 40 minutes .

I will put my best effort for today . Okay jangan percaya sangat . By the way , I woke up around 7:58 today . Cleaned mommy's bed . Just in case you guys want to know , I slept with her last night , I'd been sleeping with her for three days and going to sleep with her for another four effing days .

Enough for that . Have a great day everyone . I love you people .  

Like a G6 
This is how we live , every single night
The Time 
I was born to get wild , That's  my styyyle

These songs is really awesome i tell you ,

Monday, December 27

Give It Your Best Shot

I stiil cant believe that Im going fifteen next year , well seriusly hell no ! 
I hate you 2011 , I guess you've ruin my life . Go away , I dont need you ! Haiyaa =='
4 Days To Go ==' Damn It

Pathetically Me

My target for 2011 =='

1. BM
Need to read the Pantun , Sajak , Novel and you know what .
Read an essay per day .

2.  English
- The literature components
- Grammar exercise
- An article per day

3. Science <3
- Seems like I love Scince damn muchh , I have to focus more on Paper One . Paper Two good willing I will score 60 / 60 . Last exam just need 10 more marks ==' Herr

4. History
-  I learn NOTHING this year . So I need to read each chapter , of course . With the 'semangat patriotisme' feeling .

5. Pendidikan Islam
 Re-read everything especially Sirah. >.<

6. Mathematics
- Simple excercise for the last chapter and algebraic expresion ==' IhateMathsSooDamnMuch

7. Geography
- Read more info about all the 'banjaran' and get details about peta Malaysia

8. KHB ( ert )
- Ekonomi Rumah Tangga , suckk a boring subject . But easy to score A . Hoyeaah , revise the Jahitan chapter . Ohhmann :O I hate that chapter , gilaa mengantukk =='

Work Hard Syazaa ! You go girl :)

Stop Taking And Start Giving

Haishh mama nie , bukak bukak pulak facebook aku . Hoii , dah la bahaya sikit wall aku . Apesal google chrome save passwrd aku ? Hehh , bkn aku ke yg save , hahaha' . Terima Kasih minachi Syafiqah :D sebab tolong aku edit blog skit . Hehe , okay I think Im not going to add some other gadget after this . Enough of this , pening kepale doee . Kalau tambah bnyak bnyk messy jadi nya . Haiyaa , 

Fuuh , and you dummies . Stop bothering me la , you probably annoyed me . Dangg . Why do i get annoyed easily ? Out of nowhere , something annoys the crap out of me and then everything starts bothering me . 

Puas hati aku dah block kau dr facebook aku , yeahh ! Freedom sikit doee , kalau tak semak hntr chat ckp bnde yg bukan bukan . Kau ade masalah ke ? Alamakk haii ==' After this you not gonna find my facebook anymore thats for sure . Aku malas nk layan kau .

Ready In ?

Good morning sunshinee :D mcm biasa , online facebook yang semakin boringgg ==' haa , nie nak cerita niee , bkn nk mengumpat ke apelahh kann . But its the fact ! *cehh . Okayy , aku mane suka orng hantar chat bagai bagai nak kenal lah apelah ==' adoyaii lemahh eden . Dah la tak kenal , profile picture selagi yang boleh kau copy kat google image sume kau nk amik , letak lahh gambar sendiri nyahh . Adelahh satu minah nie , post kt wall aku . Alamakk profile picture dah la tegang habessss HAHA' then she asked me to teach her how to edit . Hoii minah , sorry . Im not intrested to teach you ! Harharhar , Im not a pro edited for sure . ERR pagi pagi buta nk kacau aku , ape kes ? Dah laa aku tak kenal kauu ==' Lagi nk rosak kan wall aku . For sure , I will delete it later . Haiyaa , rosak mata aku tngok wall aku . Kalau orng tak kenal aku akn reply dgn jawapan yang agak kurang hajar . Is not that rude I think , just somemore offensive when you read my answer . Mcm orng takda respon , hahahaha' . Tak kenal jgn pandai pandai nk hantar anything kt wall aku , kang majal je tak pasal pasal . Muahaha , maybe aku kenal kau . Tp aku malas nak layan kauu *bukan sombong ==' But in this case , I dont really know who you are ==' But this girl has a pretty good brain *hehh not actually . After , I has done post on her wall . She deleted all her post in my wall . Whoaa :o bagus betul kau kann . Tak payah susah susah aku nk delete , 

Sunday, December 26

A Great Chef

Today mama didnt cook anything ==' disaster . So I fry some fries in fridge , and back to laptop . Edit picture and somemore onlineee . M little bro just finished watched tv , so he insteadly hungryy . And ask me to cook something for him , haiyaaa . Focus gyle niee edit gambar . semak je =='

Iwan : Shaa , masak hotdog ? *with a suckk face
Me : Alaa , masak lah sendiri . Bkn tak reti , selalu kau yg over kann ?
Iwan : Okay aku masak sendiri
Me : Great !
Iwan : Masuk kan ke hotdog nie ?
Me : Ehhh saba lahh jgn masuk dulu biar api panas dulu .

Afew minutes..

Iwan : Dah panas ke ?
Me : Haaa dah dah , masuk kan .
Iwan : Okay , dh masak ke ?
Me : Kau tngok smpai hangus baru kau angkat pastu makan .
Iwan : Okayy
Me : Ehh , hangus pulak . Agak-agak dah masak kau angkat lah *mghadap laptop
Iwan : Okay , nie dh masak ke ? 
Me : *infront of lappy and shout haaa dah masak dah tuu , angkat angkat
Iwan : Mcm mne kau tahu dah masak kau nmpk ke ?
Me : A'ah aku nmpk neyy , angkat jelah bnyk pulak bunyi kau =='

Haa kenyangg smbung tngok tv , amann duniaaa :) Today I had nothing much to do , boringggggggggggg . Btw , I did tell you that my phone is broken right ? So dont bother calling . My phone is no where near me , cause I've send it to some shop to fix it . Well it would take a while tho , a week or more . Or it wont even get to be fixed ( ? ) who knows kan , haha . Shit usually happens to me , I just have to get use to it . It must be a boreddddddddddddd life without phone =='

Getting Really Fat ?

Heyyah , as usually . Tidur lambat , elehh mcm tk biasa pulak . Last night I watched some tutoriol from youtube about editing thingy . Mak aihh , susaaaa gilaaa -__- tp dh try is not that hard I think . Texting with Atiqa about how to do that superB edit , wah wah wahh . Saya suda dapat catch up ! Hahaha *bangga bangga . But a bit messy , al maklum . I'm still learning learning andd learning in this software , Tati has upload some of our picture using her lomo camera last night . Auhhh awesome lah siott  . Tweets with Nana is really part of my schedule :P kelakar habisss ,  Ohh malaysia win right last night ? Yess , sejak bile aku layan bola pun aku taktaw ==' Haritu mek Arni call , haishh mimpi ape die call aku tetibe ? Harharhar , weyhh rindu nk gossip ngn kau doee . Kau tngokk masuk skolah hbes kau aku kerja kann HAHA ' Teeha kill her ! she said Im getting fat ohh ==' Hehh , 

Saturday, December 25

I Love Lists

20 facts about me :)
1. I feel like a total jackass , sometimes .
2. I hate reading textbooks . I just love not having to do anything .
3. I hate cats , but I have 4 of them ?
4. I hate eggs but I love chickens
5. I have a serious ego problem .
6. I seldom remember my dreams when I wake up .
7. I struggle very easy just to get out of bed in the mrng .
8. I am addicted to green tea .
9. I love suprises .
10. I dont have the 'S' shape . I hate diet .
11. I hate school , and teachers .
12. Im addicted to gossip and rumors .
13. I like to laugh at myself , without any reason .
14. I hate saying sorry .
15. Ill disturb my boy , and even my friends if I have a nightmare .
16. I am impatient . I hate waiting . Seriously .
17. I try too hard on things that dont matter .
18. I had far more friends this year , and I gonna miss em .
19. Things dont seem to work the way I thought they would .
20. Non intrest with any korean movies or what ever . Seriusly

I Aint Looking Back Again

Yesterday was very tiring , I fell sleep around 2am . Texting with Teeha and HimSebelum tidur biasanya aku kacau orng , Atiqa jadi mangsa :D I think she was sleep already , tunggu punya tunngu mereka nie reply . Aku tidur dgn nyenyak HAHA' guess what , aku bagun pkul brape ? Pkul 7 tauu *bangge nie Cehh HAHA , tidur lambat , lambat lah jugak . Bagun cepat punyaa , kalau orng tidur cepat HAHA' preparations for school session for 2011 is getting done :) andd what I can say is , I hate to sees those "Welcome Back To School" baners . Suckk okay ==' salah lahh korang tulis , its should "Welcome Back To Hell" As well lah kann , Jusco Kepong menjadi pilihan mama utk shop barang skolah kteorng , andd baju kurung Canggih saiz 15 tak ada ==' Sethopeeed Fakkk , bebal betol . Mama suggest me to buy 15 1/2 , with my shocked face I said " Mak aihh gila besa lah maa ==' " Mama said she will sent those school uniform to tailor , andd baju dah siap ! Wah wah , semangat sikit . Haha , hehh malasnyaa nk sekolah -__-

Let It Snoww

"Its 5am and still no sign of Santa . I have 2 chimneys and a cat door ?! I mean... sorry I didnt put out your milk and cookies you were getting FAT" - Katy Perry

Are you having a holly , jolly christmas ? :)
I dont celebrate christmas , but to those who do 


Blame It On Me

hoyeahhhhh , Im back bloggers :D andd I know aunty Uya is non stop to view my blog :D And Teeha and Nana non stop mention my name , tersedak - sedak I tauu . Woot woot *bangge nie HAHA , okay finnaly lappy is eventually back to me ! Hahaha , lain kali nk try buat lagi lahh :p bestt kne marahh . Haha , okayy I read someone blog . Wehh , aku tau lah name aku sedapp en . Tak payah lah nk petik petik name aku kt blog kau , kalau tak petik petik name aku yang sedap tuh tak boleh ea ? ERRR ==' andd , kalau kau suka kt dia , tak payah nak bawak nama aku yg sedap tu lahh weyh ==' alamakkk haii . Andd try to learn accept the fact =='

Saturday, December 18

loosing Her Mind

Ive forgot my laptop password . Isnt it sounds GREAT ? I really , I mean , really really need to fix it . Oh and -  NO , I aint gonna tell my dad about this . Gila kau , mati aku nanti -.- Alahaii , cheq tk amik ict , mana reti bab hack hack ni kan . Matiii denn , adoyyy ==' 

Okay, Ill tell my dad. *tawakal. Haih

I feel like Im going to change my school . Somewhere in Sabah or Sarawak , perhaps ? *gila ke ape buda nie ? Ahha , my girls will probably kill me if they know what Im thinking . But , new school comes with a new spirit whereas you'll have a new attitude , whether bad to worse , bad to good or maybe , good to bad . We will never know . Thinking of new school , and new place , you'll be excited at the first ( trust me ) , but then you'll feel different , missing the old friends , the old teachers and school of course . A couple months onwards , you get used to it . And start to forget the past . Erasing the old V.I.Ps in your life . And this is one of the reasoning why Ive stop making a new friend . They come and go . Just like that . Ehhh , nk pindahh sngt . Mcm mama kasi ==' duhhh 

Imma watching tv with my little bro right now , ahaha buda nie mmg tido lmbt . While mama is watching Cinta & Anugerah in youtube Mama say to my little bro

Mama : Ehh , Iwan tido dah ke ? Kalau dah tido mama tukar .
Iwan : Hahh , taklahh . Rehatkan mata kejap , asap masuk tadi . Tu yang kene berehat kan mata sekejap
Me : Ecehh , banyak lah kau . Aku yang jaga satay tu tadi . Kau melantak je tau ==' Cite lebat pulak asap msuk mate . Aku niee , smpai buta dahh tapi kenyanggg :D haha
Mama : Kakak dahh butaaa ? Banyak lah , semua dh kekenyang . Dh pegi tido .
Me : Elek japp , nk main facebook . Hahaha

Ehh' you guys . Buat tauu ape yang I suruh you'll buat tuu , hehe' sent to my inbox ( fb ) Amattt mengahargaiii tauu . Gile lahh Atiq layan sreamoo do , hebatt :D

Yeep De Doo Dah

Imma say it loud ,
Mari Menari is OVER ! Yeahh , Razif's couple won it . Huhh , last evening while me and mama were gossiping I got 2 missed call from Husna . Suprising me ! Apehal pulak minah nie call aku , mimpi ape die smlm HAHA . So I grabbed my father's fone , and called Husna .
Me : Assalamualaikummmm 
Husna : Walaikumusalammmm , sape niee ?
Me : Ini Syaza laaaa , numb bapak aku . Save sikit kredit aku *gelak besa . Hahh kau apehal call aku dua kali ? Nk gado ke ?! Gelak besaa punye
Husna : Dgn nada yang humble gilaa die ckp , ehh takde lahh . saje je call kamu . Bosannn
Me : Amboiii , bnyk kredit bru ingat aku eyhh .
Husna : Eihhh , kita mane pernah lupa kat kamu laaa .
Me : Ecehhh , iye lah tuu ==' hahh kamu dah beli buku skolah dahh ?
Husna : Belum , kamu ?
Me : Ohh , sudahh . As usually mama aku yang pergi beli . kita tak ikot .
Husna : ooooo ,
Me : Ehh , kamu tahu tak masok kelas ape semua ?
Husna : Alaaa kamu nie jgn risau laa , cikgu Rusilawati ckp semua STAY
Me : Yeahhhhhh ! *jerit mcm orng tak betul
Husna : Sakit telinga kita , suke eh kamu
Me : hahaha , padan muka kamu . Mesti lah kita sukaa :D

called ended . After 50 minutes ..

Husna : Ehh tadi kenapa tetibe tutup ?
Me : Saje *gelak besa punya . Hahh , dah ubah fikiran ? Nk gadoo ?! Jommmmmmmm
Husna : Hishhhh , kamu nie . Gado je tahu .
Me : Elekk lah Husna . Hehe
Husna : Hahh tadi kite call semua kwn kita
Me : o
Husna : Dapat call free , hehe
Me : oooooo , bangge lah tu ? hahahahahahah*gelak besaaa punya . Husna kita nk mandi lah byee
Husna : okay , bye . SALAM
Me : w'salam :)

Kamu Kita hanya digunakan untuk bertutur bersama Husna sahaja , dengan member lain . Kau Aku Babe Dude' Sewel Sengal Bodo Banggang andd Minah also Mamat . Jgn dgn Husnaa yeee , hahaha*gelak besaa punya
Mengacau jelah kamu nie Husna , rancak aku gossip ngn mama akuu kau pulak call ==' aiyerr

Thursday, December 16

Teenagers Daily

Its 7:50 in the morning , and Im widee awake . Obviously , got text from Isyraf " Wehh , buda jahatt " as well I ignore that . Kredit brape sen je kott -.- then my phone ringing "Hehh , sape pulak call pagi-pagi buta niee ?! -.-" Its Isyraf , tkde kejo lain kacau orng pagi-pagi buta . Hahaha . Fyi , aku dh bgun dulu lahh , kau lambat sngt kejot . Hahahha . Actually we are planning go to Perangsang for swimming , but I got emergency text from Nana said that "Kalau nk pegi sane kene pkai swimming suit , klau tidak kene halau ! hahaha" Last minute mlm nk pegi tu , then she decide to go Selayang Mall . Okay lahh , semua okay je . Smpai Mcd tunggu minah 2orng nie , tk smpai-smpai . Nasib baik aku ngn Atiqa baik hati time tu *cehh , kalau tidak Mchicken korang support . Hahaha , diorng dh lmbt switch to Mid pulak . Aku open je , hujan hujan pulak tu -.- sental jelah . Smpai Mid we had our lunch at PizzaHut . Kelakar gilaa , first semua mcm keras je tknk ckp . Last-last gelak mcm orng tak betul . Nana offer main bowling , semua on je . As well Im the loser , ehh not actually . hahaha , like bro Hafiz said . Longkang jadi sahabat Syaza . Siott ==' Hahaha , woww Aqil gilaa hebadd *cehcehcehh Hahaha . Teeha dh baling masuk longkang ke ape , pusing and have a big smile :) hehe' Pretty awesome babe' chill je die nih . Balik berdiri je dlm ktm ==' Gilaa sakit belakang aku doe . Ehh , korang perasan tk . Dlm ktm tu kite je yg rancak beborak . Yg lain semua muke penat je . Hahaha . Eeee , excited gilaa nk tuition . Andd kinda lazeyy go to school for next year . Damnit =='

Wednesday, December 15

Well Hey There Smarty Pants

Im getting tired with all this shits . Everyone seems to be giving me a really hard time right now . And truth is , I dont like it *no one does* . Why cant you people just leave me be ? I've enough problem to think of , and I dont need anyone else's help to make it worse . I've been noticing that mum and dad are getting really good at backing up my other siblings instead of me , they always do (: I guess Im always the bad one , am I ? Heh . Even if they're the one who started the fight , I'll get the blame for all of it . Well that sucks . Last night I sleep at 6 in the morning *sigh Texting and eating somemore . Hahaha , Isyraf and Nana . Sorry weyh , smlm aku charge fone . Tu yg lmbt gilaa reply , hehehe . Mana taknya , fone charging . And Im eating , watching tv and sleep . Hahhaha , teruk gilaa . Pkul 2 bru bgun , mak aihh bnyk gila text masuk . Reply satu satu , then guess what . They replied " Lambat gyle kau reply " andd " cepat gile kau balaz " ehh , perli nmpk . Hahaha , well tabiat aku kott tidur awal pastu bgun then terus berjaga . What can I say today is , my hot peeps and dudes is busying packing what to bring for swimming isnt ? Harharhar , okay guys . Bigladyboss Nana said , we have to get ready at Mcd before 10 am . If not , you will know what Nana gonna do to you , I think she will punishe you to buy her Mchicken . Hahahaha , so toodles people . Im going to watch Cinta & Anugerah *sejak bile aku tngok crite nie pun aku tktaw ==' Andd Teeha done with your blog dear ? okay ke , klau tak okay nnt aku buat balik .

One day to go :] whepeww 
swimming swimming :D

Tuesday, December 14

You're In Love ?

saying those three word wont prove anything =='
You look at their profile constantly .

When you’re on the phone with them late at night and they hang up , you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago .

You read their Texts and Ims Over and over again .

You walk really slow when you’re with them .

You feel shy whenever they’re around .

When you think about them , your heart beats faster but slower at the same time .

You smile when you hear their voice .

When you look at them , you can’t see the other people around you , you just see him/her .

You start listening to slow songs while thinking about them .

They’re all you think about .

You get high just from their scent .

You realize you’re always smiling when you’re looking at them

You would do anything for them !

While reading this , there was one person on your mind this whole time .

You were so busy thinking about that person , you didnt notice number twelve was missing

You just scrolled up to check & are now silently laughing at yourself .

Thats Just Lamentable

Im in a really not in the good mood right now , I dont know why . Rase nk maki orang je tau ==' well I dont have any idea with that . Cant really describe how I feel right now . Well just two words , faktap gilaaa . I was really bored , so I started to view my friends blog . To one and another , mak aihhh . Rajin gilaa diorng nie update , semangat pulak akuu . Hahaha , last night Nana mms me Zara picturee ! My goddd , comel gilaaaa lah doh . Tembam , putihh . Geram gilaa aku tngok kt fone aku mlm tdi , nk tidur pun aku tngok gambar die . Untung Zara dpt makcik hott mcm Nana kn ? Hahaha . Guess what , Im editing one picture in three software . Hahahaha , adelah certain software yang aku taktahu tp kt software lain aku tau . enth lah , nnt blaja dr atiqa jelah kn kn kn ? Hahaha .  
Nana sent to me last night , comel gilaaa duh Zaraa . 

Monday, December 13

Lets Break It Down

I woke up at 7:15 am with a sound of my mom's is calling for me . Forgott , I have to woke early in the morning to accomponies her to hukm , eii dh lah bosannnn plus bau ubat -__- well klau duduk rumah lagi lah bosannn . Mannn , im exhausted -.- sakit tengkuk , sakit kaki , semua sakit . Pft , mana taknya melangok kt situ 4 jam pukul satu bru jumpa doctor . gilaaaa betul , paling menyampah time aku tngh termenung orang usha aku . Deii , tk pernah tngok budak cute termenung ke hahh ? ERR -.- time goes so fast and Im seriously starving , and I was starting to a little bit dizzy so I asked mama to have some lunch at cafe . Pewhhh , I was pretty annoyed with these two person who were sitting right next to me , this guy bajet cool abes , and the girl next to him mcm tak klaka gediknya . Duadua konon nk speaking mak saleh , ohh pleaseee , padahaal hancur habes ah . pft , agak kesian tgk dorg . Dh tak pandai nk speaking jgn lahh buat malu diri sendiri . Haduhh -.- Just be your self lahhh weyh . Hahahaha * big laugh . Last night texting with Nana , gossip skit :D cerita pasal awan dania yg bini die meroyan kt airport lahh apelah HAHA sewel je ,  

weyhhhhh , tak saba doee Khamis niee . mesti gempak habesss . Cant wait :O

Ya’ll gon hate

So next year I will be is morning session and home in the afternoon . So back to my standart 6 scedule . Ohgoddd , suckk ! 
5:55 am
Woke up with the sound of my alarm clock'
6:00 am
Fell back sleep
6:10 am
Heard someone knocking my bedroom door
6:15 am
Get with my school uniform and shout "Good Morning Sushine"
Everybody stared at me with unsatisfied face HARHAR'
6:20 am
Wait for Pakcik Yazid to pick me 
by 6:50 I'll be in school *I think so -_- gilaaa cepat . Malasssnyeeee =='

Keep rockin’

" I never thought I’d be in love like this "
My second time heard this song is Nana sang this song . Pretty awesome babe . Keep singing this song in my room , urgh gilaa bosan . Keep repeat You ( stranger in the night ) song by Suka No. 23 intoduced by Aqil , hoho' kinda addicted with that song =D Last night texting with Atiqa , and this Thursday will be awesome ! So , last night was .. I dont have idea to describe that . Andd , terima kasih mama sebab basuh baju saya smpai tak payah pakai minyak wangii :D save perfume aku , andd thanks alot downy . Hahahaha

Saturday, December 11

Stop It Lahh =='

" i saw u lookin at my wall b4.... ;) i have the new profile spy app: "

Bustard ! stop sent me those fucking chat lahh =='

" Okay girls,time to confuse the boys!if you are single write 'spongebob' on your status and if you are taken write 'patrick'.Pass this on every girl on chat....Don't tell the boys; it's a girl's thing... "

pemende tah korang mgarot , nk je aku maki sape yg hntr kt aku ==' duhh . sumpah bodoh

He Is The SuparSrikas :D

Tengok budak niee <3 comel kn kn kn ? nie lah budak yg aku panggil Ank Cina Sesat HAHA , die nie suka buli orng --' including me ! ahaha , die ade facebokk . Kecik kecik dh pandai ber-facebook yee :P then he asked me to make facebook for my bro *Iwan . Dgn alasan nk main Wild Ones dgn Iwan , hahaha . Tkpyh mengadaa yee , hahaha . Next year he will be sitting standart two , whoaa . cepat gilaa kn ? And me will be faced PMR , duhh ==' ehh , amsyar nnt sya dtg rumah , aku buli kau cukup cukup HAHA' mcm biasaa , pagi pagi online facebook . Chat dgn Aqil , mcm mcm jugak budak niee . Hahh , die pun pandai kasi link fb bdk @#$!% pastu bahan + kutuk . Pehhh , boleh jadi geng lahh weyh . Yg tak tahan , budak darjah lima yg bru nk upp tuh HAHAHA'