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Thursday, December 30

Shut The Fuck Up

Hey there is a reason that people dont like you , and finally , thanks god , you have successfully caused me to join them .

Honestly , this is how I feel of about 75 percent of people that I know .

Just shut the fuck up . Okay ? Im really tired of you . REALLY TIRED . Doing that annoying giggly thing you do , where you pretend to be ***** and **** or something else that you think makes you look cool , then you laugh in a really high pitch that scientist are sure humans cannot achieve . Ya even remember when you used to be okay and not annoying ? Err . Me neither .

And tolonglah weh , jangan terasa sangat . Tak batak aku nak tulis pasal kau kat sini . It's people like you why my mood is ruined . This not speacial credit to my dearest friends for sure ==' Thank you