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Friday, December 31

Life Is Temporary

Ehh apesal blog aku gilaa ramai page view harini ? Pelik ==' bkn nk bangga ke ape lah kann , hahaha' 

Growing up brings me down and it scares me to death .

I have been feeling so sad , and depressed lately . My mind is thinking about billion different things at once . And I dont even know why . I just want things to stay the same or something . I never do well with the change . I can't help myself from thinking how fast this year went by . Just yesterday , it seemed like I was a form 2 student and now I am about to start my last year being a school's student , form 3. For fourteen years , it has been such a rollercoaster . I dont like bringing negativity upon myself , but it happens . It is reality .

So much has happened this year . The good and the bad . But I know , I need to pass that and look beyond it . Growing up is not what I thought it would be . It is saddening :( I cant always expect everything to go well kan ? It is life , not cinderella story in disney . 2011 will have way too many fears , too many tears , too many dissapointments and way too many goodbyes . *broken heart .

I wish 2010 could stay little longer ..
I just wanna start again .