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Wednesday, December 15

Well Hey There Smarty Pants

Im getting tired with all this shits . Everyone seems to be giving me a really hard time right now . And truth is , I dont like it *no one does* . Why cant you people just leave me be ? I've enough problem to think of , and I dont need anyone else's help to make it worse . I've been noticing that mum and dad are getting really good at backing up my other siblings instead of me , they always do (: I guess Im always the bad one , am I ? Heh . Even if they're the one who started the fight , I'll get the blame for all of it . Well that sucks . Last night I sleep at 6 in the morning *sigh Texting and eating somemore . Hahaha , Isyraf and Nana . Sorry weyh , smlm aku charge fone . Tu yg lmbt gilaa reply , hehehe . Mana taknya , fone charging . And Im eating , watching tv and sleep . Hahhaha , teruk gilaa . Pkul 2 bru bgun , mak aihh bnyk gila text masuk . Reply satu satu , then guess what . They replied " Lambat gyle kau reply " andd " cepat gile kau balaz " ehh , perli nmpk . Hahaha , well tabiat aku kott tidur awal pastu bgun then terus berjaga . What can I say today is , my hot peeps and dudes is busying packing what to bring for swimming isnt ? Harharhar , okay guys . Bigladyboss Nana said , we have to get ready at Mcd before 10 am . If not , you will know what Nana gonna do to you , I think she will punishe you to buy her Mchicken . Hahahaha , so toodles people . Im going to watch Cinta & Anugerah *sejak bile aku tngok crite nie pun aku tktaw ==' Andd Teeha done with your blog dear ? okay ke , klau tak okay nnt aku buat balik .

One day to go :] whepeww 
swimming swimming :D