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Tuesday, December 28

Good Afternoon :)

Things that need to do today . 5 is enough , I guess .

1. Do revision for Mathematics and Histry .
2. Clean up my wardrobe .
3. Read at least 20 pages of Saints vs Sinners
4. Take a bath . Two times today . ( LMAO )
5. EXERCISE for 40 minutes .

I will put my best effort for today . Okay jangan percaya sangat . By the way , I woke up around 7:58 today . Cleaned mommy's bed . Just in case you guys want to know , I slept with her last night , I'd been sleeping with her for three days and going to sleep with her for another four effing days .

Enough for that . Have a great day everyone . I love you people .  

Like a G6 
This is how we live , every single night
The Time 
I was born to get wild , That's  my styyyle

These songs is really awesome i tell you ,