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Saturday, December 18

loosing Her Mind

Ive forgot my laptop password . Isnt it sounds GREAT ? I really , I mean , really really need to fix it . Oh and -  NO , I aint gonna tell my dad about this . Gila kau , mati aku nanti -.- Alahaii , cheq tk amik ict , mana reti bab hack hack ni kan . Matiii denn , adoyyy ==' 

Okay, Ill tell my dad. *tawakal. Haih

I feel like Im going to change my school . Somewhere in Sabah or Sarawak , perhaps ? *gila ke ape buda nie ? Ahha , my girls will probably kill me if they know what Im thinking . But , new school comes with a new spirit whereas you'll have a new attitude , whether bad to worse , bad to good or maybe , good to bad . We will never know . Thinking of new school , and new place , you'll be excited at the first ( trust me ) , but then you'll feel different , missing the old friends , the old teachers and school of course . A couple months onwards , you get used to it . And start to forget the past . Erasing the old V.I.Ps in your life . And this is one of the reasoning why Ive stop making a new friend . They come and go . Just like that . Ehhh , nk pindahh sngt . Mcm mama kasi ==' duhhh 

Imma watching tv with my little bro right now , ahaha buda nie mmg tido lmbt . While mama is watching Cinta & Anugerah in youtube Mama say to my little bro

Mama : Ehh , Iwan tido dah ke ? Kalau dah tido mama tukar .
Iwan : Hahh , taklahh . Rehatkan mata kejap , asap masuk tadi . Tu yang kene berehat kan mata sekejap
Me : Ecehh , banyak lah kau . Aku yang jaga satay tu tadi . Kau melantak je tau ==' Cite lebat pulak asap msuk mate . Aku niee , smpai buta dahh tapi kenyanggg :D haha
Mama : Kakak dahh butaaa ? Banyak lah , semua dh kekenyang . Dh pegi tido .
Me : Elek japp , nk main facebook . Hahaha

Ehh' you guys . Buat tauu ape yang I suruh you'll buat tuu , hehe' sent to my inbox ( fb ) Amattt mengahargaiii tauu . Gile lahh Atiq layan sreamoo do , hebatt :D