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Sunday, December 26

A Great Chef

Today mama didnt cook anything ==' disaster . So I fry some fries in fridge , and back to laptop . Edit picture and somemore onlineee . M little bro just finished watched tv , so he insteadly hungryy . And ask me to cook something for him , haiyaaa . Focus gyle niee edit gambar . semak je =='

Iwan : Shaa , masak hotdog ? *with a suckk face
Me : Alaa , masak lah sendiri . Bkn tak reti , selalu kau yg over kann ?
Iwan : Okay aku masak sendiri
Me : Great !
Iwan : Masuk kan ke hotdog nie ?
Me : Ehhh saba lahh jgn masuk dulu biar api panas dulu .

Afew minutes..

Iwan : Dah panas ke ?
Me : Haaa dah dah , masuk kan .
Iwan : Okay , dh masak ke ?
Me : Kau tngok smpai hangus baru kau angkat pastu makan .
Iwan : Okayy
Me : Ehh , hangus pulak . Agak-agak dah masak kau angkat lah *mghadap laptop
Iwan : Okay , nie dh masak ke ? 
Me : *infront of lappy and shout haaa dah masak dah tuu , angkat angkat
Iwan : Mcm mne kau tahu dah masak kau nmpk ke ?
Me : A'ah aku nmpk neyy , angkat jelah bnyk pulak bunyi kau =='

Haa kenyangg smbung tngok tv , amann duniaaa :) Today I had nothing much to do , boringggggggggggg . Btw , I did tell you that my phone is broken right ? So dont bother calling . My phone is no where near me , cause I've send it to some shop to fix it . Well it would take a while tho , a week or more . Or it wont even get to be fixed ( ? ) who knows kan , haha . Shit usually happens to me , I just have to get use to it . It must be a boreddddddddddddd life without phone =='