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Saturday, October 23

Happy For That Rite ? FUCKK OFF lah weyh -,-

I thought I could do this start believing in you , but you hurt me so much , I just don't know what else to do . I don't want to see and talk to you , I'm afraid I may break . I should have known all along I was making a mistake . To trust and having friend relationship with bitch like you ! I don't even know why I bothered to try , I knew all along you'd be the one to my mood spoiled EVERYDAY ! Yess , cant you please just do your own bussiness . And so am i . Pleasee , I dont think i should have friend like you . Always talk shit behind of me . And blabla . I should have realized you were all the same , but why is it so hard to even say your name ? You were the only one I decided to let in , when people ask "what happened ?" , I won't know where to begin . I thought I could trust you , but bitch was I wrong so , I have to pretend , and I have to be strong with your bitchy mouth . I can't think about you , I have to keep myself together , it doesn't matter that I thought you would be in my life forever . I have to be strong , I can not cry , I have to avoid your gaze , I can not look you in the eye . Things will be hard , you were helping me through , but no longer do I have any trust within you . I have to pretend , I won't let anybody else in , you were the one that make my mood spoiled all the time , I guess you win . I shouldn't let it get to me , but I thought you truly cared , I don't know if I trust you with all of the secrets I shared . I can not explain how angry I feel , I still don't believe that any of this is real . Everyone said like "Eh , diorng bkn kwn baik ke ? Boley pulak minah tu kutok kwn sndiri ? " In my heart said "Well , excuse me ! Im not hoping that you're my besties for ever -,- she's pulling me all the time , cant i just like ahh , berambus lah kau . Or , kau boley tk lepas kn tangan aku , rimas lahh . " Ofcourse I just follow her , if u guys is having the same right problem like i was . Surely you will do the same right thngy that im doing . Hard to believe this . When my blast friend told everything to me . I was like WHAT THE HELL WITH THIS BITCH ? -,-  Im gonna watch what u will do or keep talking shits about your own BFF . You better regrets for what u had talked shits about your friends , before they know and HATE you bitch ! Seriously , you'll might say "Its a normal thingy , friends usually keeps talking shits about us behind of us so many times .And without shyness , they show their hypocrisy in front of them who be their covered enemy and pretend that they are loyal friends who so called bestfriend forever die together 

*bitch if you are reading this , Im glad . You wanna take it seriusly or funny ? I dont care -,-