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Saturday, October 30

Kinda Knackered :)

not in the mood -____-

my lilt bro is watching 616 ( cartoon network ) kinda wierd , because the cartoon is talking in bhasa kelantan . Whoaa , ini mesti Isyraf azlan pham , btol tk ? HAHA drpd tkde mood trus boley tergelak mcm orng gila tngok cerite cartoon bodoh nie HAHA . I think im not using my sim longer . Hureyyy , HAHA Im sick , bcuz in one week I have to topup 2-3 times . Aiyerr TIRED ! So , I decide to stop using that sim . And decide either I buy a new sim pack that my hot peeps are talking about . I meant Hot Tickets HAHA ! Err , if I asked mama to buy new sim pack , surely she will smashed me up *Laughingg Yess , finnaly Atiqa give me a new song that she promised to give me . Thanks Atiqa , I love you crazy girl :D