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Saturday, October 16

Sincerly , Me

For everyone,
I am really sorry for being selfish and being myself,
I am really sorry for bitching around,
I am really sorry if I was being nasty to any of you on purpose,
I am really sorry if you guys taking me forgranted.
I am really sorry for being sarcastic right now.

I am sorry if I keep on hurting any of you .
I am sorry for all those meaningless fights ,
I am sorry for all the things that I just flew by ,
I am sorry for never giving my ears and be there for you guys ,
I am sorry if we argued so much over nothing ,
I am sorry for my swaying emotions ,
I am sorry if you dont like the things I say, or do ,
I am sorry if I keep on repeating the same mistakes ,
I am sorry if I ever hit you guys when I am mad ,
I am sorry if I ruin your day whenever mine's bad ,
I am sorry for being sorry ,

I am really sorry for my mistakes .
I am really sorry and I really mean it . :)

Sorry for letting you down , dear .
But we're back together now . I mean like hell-o , since the beginning , HE IS MINE :)

P/s : I love you boy ♥