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Wednesday, November 24

You Are My Wonder Landd

Have you guys seen Eminem's latest song featuring Rihanna ? Love The Way You Lie . The video made me cry, twice. Let me repeat that . A video of 4 minutes and 27 seconds made me cry , twice . Seriusly , I guess Eminem nailed it this time , I have always admired the way he talks about life and relationships in his raps . This time , its just amazing , the way he did it. It shows how a love/hate relationship works , when two people meet and fall so deeply in love . How the guy is not able to control his raging temper and how the girl failed to leave everytime she said she would . Its like theyre so inlove that they cant imagine life without one another , but being together is destroying the both of them , both physically and mentally , you know ? The girl and the boy are no different , they have the same temper , spew out the same words , promises the same things and end up being in the same effed up situation . Its the same pattern . When things are good , they're great , feels like youre the luckiest person in the world , but when its bad , its horrible , you start doing things you dont intend to , say things you dont mean to say , without being able to control yourself . In the end , it hurts the both of you 

So Toodles people ;) Im going bed :'( Soryy nana ! facebook aku buat hal , tetibe tak bolah bukak . At first nk webbie beramai ramai , memandangkn tak rmai yg online . terbantut hajad -_-