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Tuesday, November 30

Lets Chew Someone Out From Here

Pagi - pagi bngun nk pegi hospital pnye pasal . Damn it -.- Checking my tonsil , duhhh sakit gyle -_- gile ahh . Setibanya aku di ruma mak long , she suddenly ask me for helping her something . Ahaa , she ask me to look after her little cutioo kids . HOHO firdauss back to hell yeahhh <3 HAHA All this whole day I just disturbing , playing ps2 with them and eating some more *even my tonsil had bigbig sickness -_- ERR . In the evening , we had our precious time berlari mcm orng gila kt luar HAHA sewel -_- Huhh , Atiqa ask me to join her tuition at Juara Interlek . Seems like my mama said I'll start in 2weeks starting from now , klau cepat lagi bagus :D hahaha . Kinda addicted to Please Don't Go by Mike Posner song . That song were really awesome <3