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Saturday, November 27

Saturday , Super , Suck

Im online while watching tv with others , diorng tngok channel 615 nk tnggu logo bodoh ape tah . Hahh , bru aku ingat So Syok Holiday if I not wrong , sengal je . Act , adik dh nmpk that silly logo yesterday . But , her handphone was in my room . As well , my room were locked . Tidur tak ingat dunia plus plus . When I woke up and opened the door , and showed her not satisfied to me LOL . I dont eat those fucking thngy laa sewel -_- Suddenly Adik sream and shout :

Adikk : Hahh , thats it . Fone mane ?
Me     : Kau apehal ? 
Adikk : shuttap -_-
Me     : Back off -_-
Adikk : Ma' give thenm your email
Mama : For what ?
Me     : Its for silly contest lah ma' no need to give . harharharr
Adik   : Do your own thngy la . Bodoh 
Me     : Sape bodoh skrng ?
Mama : Can you both just shut up ?!
Me     : HAHA relax laa ma'

Sewel , lari bwk laptop pegi bilik and online with peaceful HAHA