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Friday, November 26

Hear It Comes

Its nearly 7am , and my tummy's growling like some insane bear . I haven't eaten anything yet since 4am . There was nothing on the kitchen table , since mum didn't cook anythingyummy today , sigh . I guess I just have to make myself a cup of maggi later . Teeha , nk join ? HAHA As usuall , me , Nana , Teeha , Ika , Atiq andd Shahira will gossip something like picture or status or else relationship orng dekat facebook HAHA both of them or else me will sent the link to all hot peeps *Nana , Teeha , Ika , Atiq , Me , Shahiraa well usually Ika will sent the link to us in facebook (massage) die nie semua die explore stiap hari HAHA ade jee gossip nk share ngn kiteorng . Best gylee kott share share link pastu bahan *gelak besaa Moral of the story , we used to share any links each other then ape lagi kn HAHA ! its ladies thngy , so its a normal laa . Every second I log in Facebook and see what was the moct recent news . Tergelakk dohh tngok satu post niee *gambar . Well , klau orng couple msty nk bwd profile picture same - same , gambar diorng la kn . Hahh , ade la minah ayun nie pn sebok nk jdy editor jugak ! HAHA Nana should i continue this ? haha , takpayah laa kn ? die pun nk up jugak dohh *gelak evil . 

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Okay , tonight what we gonna have for dinner ma' ? Then mama ckp die malas masak , makan luar je eh ? ME "What ? malas laa" Okay Mcd or Satay ? Hmm , maybe Satay . But nk mcflurry ! Due due boley ? HAHA . I decide later on laa . mama shout , okay . kalau tak nk mkn ape ape it will be more better *senyum sinis GRRR ?