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Thursday, November 25

Lets Go On !

yeahh , kinda active twitter-ing right now HAHA tmblr-ing ? Huhh , to be honest . I dont know how to use that -,- , I need someone to teach me . Last night I watched KUM KUM in astro Ria channel , err perlu ke aku ckp ? Hahh , bestt doee . I love to watched Elfira Loy , sempoi gylee ngn mama die HAHA semua serius tngok cite tu , aku sorang gelak mcm orng tak betul . ahaha Its really funny see wall to wall with my hot peeps *nana and teeha And talking about KUM KUM . seram jugak . Yelah , who knows kn ? Suddenly Didie Alias merangkak dtg kt aku . That time I guess , laptop dh berkecai . Sbab , hentok kepale Didie Alias . Hahh , time tngh oline mlm mlm buta . Mesty langsir dpn tuu bergoyang , tingkap tutup . Mne angin dtg ? SCARYY MOVIE haha . Okay thats enough . So toodles people ;')