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Thursday, November 25

Bumm Blee Blii

Today went glowing . I just keep getting better now . No more sorrow allegory to be written here anymore , hopefully . It might be far easier than I think if I don't think whatever nonsense which will only carry me to the underworld later . I even can laugh a lot today . I wish tomorrow will be more gleeful . Hold on . Ade segelintir orng tak suke and menyamaph tngok blog akuu . Opps , sorry . Suka hati I lah nak buat ape pun , blog I kn . Ahh poyo ! I can write anything that is from my hurricane mind -_-  Hahahaha . So today , I admit was bored . I don't gave any cheery face of mine to anybody . I feel like hating them is the only thing I can do .