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Thursday, November 25

Lost Kid

I found this effing cute kid in my house ! whose kid is this ? HAHA actually this my aunty son . They came here and had lunch together with us , I bring lappy to living room *paklong nk guna . Then lpas paklong taknk gne , aku kongkaa laa HAHA pastu budak kecik nie melepik kt tepi aku time tngh online . So , dh bosan gyle facebook pn mcm ape jee -_- webcam laaa HAHA usually this kid not in mood for taking any picture *same as her sis , if they disturb me . I will capture thier picture in spontanies HAHA evil gylee aku nie ! Ohh forgot to introduce this cutie boy , Amir Firdaus <3 

Imma watching "Kum Kum" this night . HOHO