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Saturday, November 27

Good Eveningg , And Im Hungryyy

HAHA , lapaa je keje aku -_- Okay finnaly teeha get who is the "MINA EDITOR TERHEBEDDD" that me and Nana are talking about in my post yesterday . Hurr , one thing to describe this silly girl is . Yeah , should I continue ? ERR , tkpayah laa . Die pn nk jadi EDITOR TERHEBADD jugak doee ! hahahaha . Totally bored sitting infront of lappy and log in facebook update blog , tweets in twitter . Haiyeee , BORED ! theres nothing much I can do besides . Listen to song and bed time story eat-ing kacau Irfan . Urghh , bosannnnnn ! Got tired reading status and any post from budak budak facebook that are using AYAT REMPIT taw kn mcm mne ayt rempit . Kalau ade kt home aku , terpakse laa bace . Ya Allah , berbelit otak nk paham and lidah aku bace ayat diorng . Ohh , please . Wake up people . You're typing using keyboard , its easy to you to find the words right . Such a silly -,- Like " tak " it will become " tuck " and kalau " yang " it become " yunk " ape kejadahh la korang nie . Cube carik dekat google search . Ade tk meaning yg same dengan . Mesty takde HAHA , ayat dah pendek lagy korang nk tambah huruf . Eii , entah pape tahh -_-  Syafiqah gave me a link yesterday . I opened it and read it . OMAYGODDD bhase ape lah budak nie ckp ?! sakaii betol , ERR So people , wake up lahh -_- its not difficult for you'll to find all the words in your keyboard that is infront of you . Menggelabah je , ingat pkai ayat rempit orng salute kau ke ? maybe the rest will respect you , but NOT me !