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Wednesday, November 24

I Be The Host , You Be The Participant

andd take this one too ;)

Okayy , nana after this dont worry . I have private all your post at my wall from your mama HAHA talk about our schedule in school holidays . I have to woke up in the morning at 7 am to sweep and mopping , horrible isnt ? hurr -,- And continue with drying clothes at 9am put dirty clothes in washing machine and finnaly relaxx HAHA you must been asked aku tak lipat kain ke ? Ohh no ! I wont do that , if only forced . Kalau aku tak bwd semua nie , papa akn bad mood balik ruma and tahu nk marah jee -,-lgy pn dh ank dara . Kalau tk bwd kerja rumah memalukan je HAHA