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Friday, January 7

The Shittalkers

Hi .
This is just another post of hating and I am going to let all of you know how much I hate busybodies . Take it this way , and please use your brain , THINK . Everyone has their own way . Why would someone , or anyone , meddles into the affairs of others ? Come on lah . And if you are not satisfied with yours , mesti ke nak intrude into others' ? Being busybody , honestly , is not cool . Especially when you are no one , I mean tegur tak pernah apa semua tak pernah , and then maybe , you have ever heard bad stories about me before , once or twice , tapi dah sebab baik hati sangat , lagi cerita kat semua orang tuh . ( A really big thankyou ! ) Tapi takpayah jaga tepi kain orang sebenarnya dah boleh kan ? You dont know me , at all . So do not judge .

We are in the same school , for sure , and if you ada facebook pun , maybe we have a few mutual friends . But answer me , do you really know me ? No , right ? So you have no right to assume and say bad things about me . Make it simple ! I would understand if you were one of my friend , and talking shits behind . Because it is a common thing that immatured people do . And one more thing , you are a guy , I might understand if you are a young lady who loves gossip . Hmm . I just dont think you have a vagina . Or you have one ? :O

P/S : Past is past . Stop saying things if you dont know me . And tolonglah , get a life . Whenever , you , the shittalker , want to hurt me by saying something BAD about me , say it straight to me . Bukan dekat orang lain . Like my boyfriend or my bestie etc etc . You're hurting them not me ! If you want to hurt me that bad , bring it on . I dont effing care . But not them . Not those who close to me . Please .

Go To Hell lah kau , ingat bagus sangat ? Fuck up
*tak payah nak buzz aku kat ym , hantar chat dkt fb . Tak payah tahu pun -.- Itu akan membuat aku lagi menyampah