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Friday, January 14

Pierce The Viels

I know that grenade by bruno mars is an old song , it's not that old but I don't know . Baru sekarang rasa addicted gila kat lagu tu . Haha I can't stop repeating the same song . I'm stucked in this freaking boredom so I've made up my mind to post a new entry here . I’ve learned this past month . I’ve changed , I’ve grown . Maybe things do happen for a reason , maybe they don’t . But no matter what , they still happen . That’s what we need to remember . I learned to stop analyzing things , to just let them happen . And if I get hurt , or if something bad happens , then it happens . There’s nothing I can do to change that .

I’ve learned to go with my gut , and that it’s okay to make mistakes because the ones that matter , won’t care . I’ve learned that love really is as great as they say it is . I’ve learned that my friends can't save me from my worst thing . And most importantly , I’ve learned that today is all we have .

I got nothing much to do besides , dah lama tak webcam dgn Teeha Nana Isyraf . Harini dapat ohh :] Mcm orang gilaa dah dpn WC ;D Tengoklah hasil tangkapan Syazana :D Saya tak boleh nak screen capture , photoscape saya hilangggg -.-'' siot ouh . Tkpe Syazana adeee :)
*Ignore mine , tengok tuu . Isyraf dgn Nana cikiLingg Bhahahaha