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Friday, January 14

Never Ever Did It

I did nothing much today . So this entry , I don't think I'll post a very long one . I apologize , I'm kinda in hurry so I wanna take this chance to blog here . I've got to tidy my room after this . Mama sudah membebel , I can't do anything . Oh ya bytheway , in school just now my class teacher asked us to write our name for nametag she said everybody must have it ! Its a must ! Then Teeha asked me to write my name as Syaza Johari wahh matured lah siot ;D Bhahaha Atiqah Azman as well . Shiera Ismail quick brave enough Teeha Khairy -- Weh boleh ke buat mcm tu doee ? Bhahaha Then we cancel to do the nametag . Mcm ape je , kelakar duh . A bit clumsyy :) Bhaha :D Okay Im out of here ! Mama dah bising , Im on my way to tidy up my room and clean the house andd so on . Byebye Keep in touch ;]