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Monday, January 10

Wait Till You Can Pass Through

Im tired , I mean sooo tired :O HW gila belambakk lah STRESS duh . I was on fone with Shahira <3 hot ticket yee makcik ? Bhahahaha , lama jugak lah kiteorng sembang . Gossiping and talked about HW well budak baik kann . Haha , I was almost crying doing that Ringkasan thngy . Goshhh killing me ! Pecah otak aku pikir isi isi -.-'' Now I can breathe with clearly , all my HW is done :) Shahira I got suprise for you tomorrow . Just wait it okay ? Hahahaha , and really hate it when my flu back to me again . Buat hal lahh , besok selsema -.-'' Menyusah kan , 

In the recess like usually we were waiting for the others and hang around the school , and Syazana asked me Weh sape yang Thanks tu ? I was like tukar topic with Atiqah . And again she's asked me the same question , then I shouted Alaa kan aku cakap lupa kan je Then she insteadly hug me >.< Huiih Sakit lahh mokk ! Hahaha The problems with Syazana has settle up :) Eventhought we always chill on , but deep inside of our heart must be one of us that hurst somemore . But thats a normal things right ? Akan menambah kan lagi kasih sayang kann Syazana ? Chill up , 

p/s : Syazana dearest friend I will keep our relationship till the end babe'

Zulfiqar Nasha <3 siapa menang lawan quotes tu ? I kann ? Hahahahaha Well :D Mcm tak biasa pulak kan . Bhahaha