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Monday, January 10


Sorry If I wrong But Just say it If you really hate me I will try to accept The truth that Im just annoyed to you And Thank you For being Apart of my life You 're pretty awesome girl No wonder lah I sayang sangat dekat you I nak kite brkekalan *mcm janji I But I can do NOTHING I tak boleh kembalikan masa yang lalu , sebab I tak ada superPower Im happy when you laugh *HAHA*Because you the only one that can make me smile beside my family :) I will only cry if my heart were really hurts And I cried when I know that you with HIM Im not perfect like HE But I 've try my best To prove to you That I love you But theres nothing different to be like a Loser . Sincerly S

I will remember this always and never forget this fr sure ;) I will keep this untill the end ,