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Friday, January 28

Now I Care !

People around me always make me feel bad , make me hurt , make me feel like I dont deserve to be happy . So I'll guess I'm going to fake a smile and hide this tears . Dah jadi sebahagian dari hidup aku bestie sendiri perli aku , ohh dah biasa =D I guess just keep myself quite and not to talk somemore . And I always gave a bigggg smile Really freaking out -.-'' Im soo glad duhh . Every single moment have the worst and the coolest one <3 Well , ofcourse lah nak yang cool punya kan kan ? Haa , every night I remember all things that happened to me and people talk talk either jerk or nice about ME ;) Cool one , I cried every night ouh :'( Like seriously , nak ckp aku cengeng ape ke pegi mati lah -.-'' Cakap tapis lah sikit doe , aku ade hati gak .