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Friday, January 28

I Would Go Through All This Pain

I dont gave any single shit about school , but I guess that is not good enough Yaaa :D I'm tired hearing somemore teacher babling about our class 3Melor for this year . Yeah , there's alot students from others class that is lower for sure buttt them really really cool . Sehari tak gelak dalam class tak sah do :) Several teacher keeps babling this sentences :-

Saya baru pertama kali lihat 3Melor macam ini . Pemalas pfft Dulu 3Melor sangattttt lain yee

I'm proud to sayyyy -- I dont give a damn hell about that actually -.-'' Is not I'm going to rude with my teacher for sure . Im taking Pmr this year . So on , for what Im going to play that pretty jerk games with my teacher ? Aku bukan dapat apa pun kalau maki hamun cikgu do . Dan saya benci belajar Ert sekarang like seriously HELL babe ! I love to learn Ert subject for sure and I got A's for that subject last year . And half of my target for Pmr , but I think I have a pretty big deal mennn -.-'' I dont know what the hell is my problems with that suck teacher Im proud to say Kau nak aku HORMAT kau , kau HORMAT aku dulu sebagai murid and I think thats not the best ever way to teach me . Macam tu ke cikgu doe ? Whoaaa HEBAT ah , I never seen a creepy suck teacher like you -.-''