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Thursday, January 6

Count On Me

I know you haven't seen my plain-bored-post much recently . Well , last night I was chatting with my prettay cousin :D that I've been sooo long havent meet her up with her cutiee sistaaa . Hehh rindu gilaa kann ? Nk main A B C , basikal and mcm mcm lahh kite buat dulu kann kalau ade kenduri . Best gilaaa , but I dont think that all those time can be reality in this short time . Na'ahh ,  

Just now I just read Atiqah's status in facebook , ohh mann . You need to go for the medical check up laaa , believe me . You can do it , you're strong girl Atiqa Azman :) I will prays for your safety :) Nothing gonna happen . Believe me :) Isyraf , aku akan jaga beloved kau elok elok . Jgn risauu , ade orng ngorat aku sound je *cehhh HAHA 

What a fucking manwhoree =='' out of credit . Hurr , cikgu science gila membunuh duhhh . Semua nak kene lukis , matiii mcm nieee . Uselesss , oh here we go tmorrow I have English language class . Depp duhh ahh , excited . Tchr mmg sporting habes , lets look at the fckupp part . We didnt learn any Mths subject in this one week , awesomeee . I was hoping that I not get any D or E in maths . 

Tchr nak ubah kedudukan tempat , semua muka tercengang :O Me Teeha Atiqa Shahira we in silent mood . Semua muka suci , then tchr stop at Shahira place and said

Tchr : Kamu dua duduk dibelakang.
Shahira : Alaa tchr , duduk belakang tak boleh focus la
Me : Dh gelak besaa kt sebelah
Tchr : Ouh okay , okay awak duduk di belakang

Cikgu bla gelak besa gilaa haha , terima kasih Shahiraaa <3 iloveyouuendlessly 
ZulfiqarNasha iloveyouuu <3