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Sunday, January 9

You Popped My Heart Seams

Continue my post just now , after all faktap thngy that make me feels soooo annoyed , insteadly Deactive Facebook . Just for awhile after that Activate balik . Rasa menyampah pun ado -.-'' Lantak lah . Malas aku nak ingat do ,  satu jelah kann . Tk payah nak bangga sngt lahh . Tak tinggi mano pun , bknnye takde yg lain nak megah megah -.-''

Okay forget about that , first person asking me why I deactive my fb is Nadhirah Hana . She texted me inteadly , I was shocked :O then , I feel pityful for her . Because she just wanna get into knowing me for sure . So I decide to Activate back my fb . Knowing this pretty girl is awesome , she's not like the others . I mean different . And she is rich of SYNESS , isn't ? I read her blog yesterday . And she mentioned that she wanna get through with other students that is from evening sesion , butt she has a big deal with that . Dia pemalu ohh , hehh buat apa nak malu ? Saya dengan Syazana <3 bukan makan orang . And we are not tigers that eat predators . Grrr , Hahaha . Senyum pun sudah memadai kann Syazana ? We will insteadly reply it with a smile too for sure . And I have no big deal to w2w with you or even chat :D With open arms I will reply it .

What we have tomorrow ? This is truely suck , tomorrow I have latihan rumah sukan -.-'' And Teeha said she will exchange to Red . Because she have no members in Green , so on she will be with me :D Iloveyouu Teeha <3 Homework jangan cakap ah , bertimbunn oh -.-'' Sejarah tak phtostat lagi and for sure kena tampal . Science almost done :] Bm komsas I have done nothing yet so chill on . Satu bab je kot , PAI latihan tak siap lagi :O takpe ustazah baik kann ? Hahaha , ERT latihan je . Nota almost done it :] Maths cool gila , baru buat 1excersize the others chill on , I will do it this NIGHT Gosok baju lagi sikitt , kasut dh siap . Ape lagi ? Haa turn off lappy and get ready to go back Rawang .