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Wednesday, January 12

A Pretty Awesome Game -.-

I was just trying to make things clear but you were totally being an ass . Chill down , you're desperately run out of a hell lot of good things to do huh ? It's okay , you're a lifeless person . I think I'm not gonna stop finding you one . And aku tak batak lah nak kawan dgn kau ! Bustard -.-'' I just realized that my life has been totally full of liars and backstabbers . But I don’t think I should stop moving on just because of those shits . I’m still holding with my words , I’m not going to give up even for a second of my whole entire life . You should keep my words . And I’ve been surrounded by too many problem these days . But I’ll not forget to thank my whole family and my dearest friends Atiqah Azman Syazana Teeha Shahira Isyraf  for supporting me no matter what . There's a boy who doesn't know what is the real meaning of 'feelings' and doesn't know how toappreciate a girl till his last breath . *Last breath ?? Haha . We all just have to pray all the best for him . Thank you for taking that girl into one of your games . You look cute doing it . So cute , too cute . I can't even explain . See , you're too appreciated . Kalau nak balik dekat dia I totally dont care , fine with that . Seriusly :)