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Friday, March 11

Mentally And Physically

What you did to me was unbelievably painful , although I kinda saw it coming but yeah somehow it poached my heart like way deep . Then again , why the hell am I bothering for such a typical douche ? Yes , I'm proud to say I'm over you . As much as I miss you forcing me to stay up and on the phone with you till dawn , I miss you reminding me you love me , I miss you making me feel secured , and what so ever you planned on doing to put me in such a shit hole , I still have to face the fact that I'll meet more boys like you who would have the exact same intention . Sure , I'll cry my heart out , feel like such an idiot and feeling so empty for a moment , but mark my words that I'll keep on standing . I won't fall and breakdown to pieces over something that happened to me more than just once .  

Bottom line is , I'm stronger than you think I am .