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Thursday, March 10

Let Me Present To You Something , Nahhh

What is a promise of love ? And how do you keep it ? I have been pondering over this question for a night and I cried all the time last night , but have not been able to come to a proper conclusion . and it isnagging at the back of my head , refusing to let up . a promise of love is in its very essence , an oxymoron . it is a lie , the BIGGEST lie , most vicious lie one could ever tell . "I'll always love you", "I'll never leave you", "You'll always be the only one that I love"

All the things we whisper and share when we are in our relationships , all the promisesthat we make , hold true only while we are in love . as we fall helplessly into love , we , too , fall helplessly out of it . it is a feeling beyond our control . these promises are beautiful , but the moment the love dies , they shatter into a thousand glass shards . Hurting . And no matter how hard we might want to keep them , they now count for naught . in fact , keeping a promise of love that has died is a even greater sin .

Now , how do you stop yourself from making promises when you're in love ? I don't know either . So , if someone makes you a promise , listen and smile , for they have the power to make you happy and glow with warmth . but always remember . One of the most dangerous things you can ask for when it comes to love , is a warranty card . Make only the promises you can keep .

Sorry from me :(

Zulfiqar , Iloveyousoomuch dear . Nothing you do could change mt mind kay :-*