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Thursday, March 10

I know you haven't seen my plain-bored-post much recently. I've been quite busy and might only have spare time at night. And on that precious moment, I would spend it for resting instead of blogging which sometimes made things pretty worse. You know what I meant. Hahaha, I cried all the time lastnight. Seems so bad duh -.- Mum woke me up early today, i think it was at 6.45am when my younger brother & sister were busy preparing to go to school. awhh, miss schoolpretty much (!) WAIT, you know that I was lying riight? i leave my bed, went to the toilet and did some self-cleaning stuff. then, go downstairs, grabbed two slices of chesdale and watched tv. hey, what's the point of me telling you this ? gahhh -___-

Imma said loud guys? Freedom from exams yeah! Ya allah, legaanya lah oii. But I got another test in tuition. Its okayy, small matter. Okay let's see this guys ''Why people sometimes like to pretend that she/heloves someone who they don't? its weird right? its supposed not to be happen to anyone. if you hate someone, just show it. don't be hypocrite by be what you not''

kay boii, Im out of here