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Friday, March 11

How's Life Turn Out

Hi :)
I've been sicked these 2weeks -.- To hell with me and my immune system . At the very beginning , I just had a sore throat . Pretty manageable , really . Ihateitsoomuch !

I now realize that we don't always get what we want , and things don't always happen the way it should . No matter how bad we hope for it , no matter how we hard we try , and even if you wish upon a star , it may not go the way you want it to . Note to self , prepare for the worst. That's the fact , don't bother denying . You're only fooling yourself . I've hurt enough people , I've caused enough damage , I've tried more than enough and I've screwed up just about enough . I think I should just slow down , enough thrills . Then again , I'm better than I was before . I feel great , I feel a whole lot better infact . Knowing that I've made my parents have less headaches about me , and I can now mix in with my siblings again pretty much satisfy me . It's like I achieved something not only I've wished for , but also my family. Laugh all you want , or say whatever you want to say . I just want a brighter future , I think you should too . Living a life like this is not that bad , not bad at all .

Im not happy enough with my result for this early test -.- As ussualy , I score in Science but not in Maths . As you'll know , I hate Maths damn much kay :) Cheers . As far I could see that many of students score in Science but not in Maths -.- Gahhh apehal hah ? Pretty please Sir Azrif ;) Ape aku nk ckp kt Mama :( Erghhh ,