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Tuesday, March 15

The Breating Get Harder

15 March--- Facebook closed up, LIARSSSSSSS!
Okay, I'm totally gonna death with my liltle anak cina sesat :'D And, his opinion said that Facebook gonna closed soon is just 'Khabar Angin' Bijakkkk sungguh anak Zamli ni :D Hikhik, chill. Aku tak takut langsung dengan kau k :p 

Andd, yeah. I'm back! I bet you are missing me aite? Well, sorry for not update these several days . There's no preety comes over my life these days :| I'm fine. Eventho, there's no one care about me :) Yeahhh, how cool was that HA-HA. Ya ya ya-.- I just finished my Cuti-cuti Belajar that my teachers gave me last week :) Okay, Syaza buang tebiat! Hahaha, jadahnyee la aku buat Hw? Rumorssss. I had just came back from collected cake that Mom ordered from Fb somewhere in Tun teja I guess, altho that is not my business. Kay, today is my beloved grandpa birthday! There's nothing much fun, the mostt is Im tired and boredddddd!

Yesterday as you'll knew, I got test in tuition. Maths, Science and English as well. Maths is the worsttt for me. English period me and Amir copying each others :'D Hikhikhik. Dann, saya cukup cemburu dengan phone Amir k-.- Nothing much to write about. And, it's raining. Shut down the laptop and have a preety nice sleep :'] Dah masuk 5 kali aku tengok phone. Tapi tak ada text masuk, kFINE. Tidur lagi bagusssss. Kbyeee