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Sunday, March 13

Keep My Heart Beeting

I just wake up from my superduper dreamer , yeah . You know what I meant . Erghhh , mengantuk gila do -.- Idk why Im so leezeyyy today . Chill on , hahaha . Sore throat + fever = AWESOME ! Seems like my dearest Atiqah Azman were in the same problem like me >.< Erghhh sumpah menyampah . Kena makan ubat , tidoooo je -.- Nak join Iwan main badminton , badan lomahhh je -.- Fine takpelah .

On top all of that , I'm still a mess . Drama still chasing me , no matter how bad I run away . Hypocrites and twofaced are making me sick . They disgust me . Screw all of them . I'm better off without them . So , today like ussually . Went to my grandmother's house at Sg. Buloh and stick up with her and we were talking about that and yeah that . She likes juicy gossip as well , kau jangan main gila . Skype pun dia pro tahu . Hahaha , I told her that examination just passed . Hell yeah , she asking me the results . With full of passion I told her 'Like as well I aint got pretty good result for...' She insteadly said 'I know you are good in Science , how about your Maths ?' And me was just like shit yaa -.- 'Dakwat pen merah cikgu habis la , tak sempat mark kertas akak lagi :D' She just smiling like she already knows my result , then she started babling.. Yayayaya -.- And she's right :] If I done for Sc what about the Mth , next year will be determine how I can get along . The add maths for sure -.- Hell yeah .