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Wednesday, February 2

The Challenge

9 things about yourself.
-Selfish . When I say I want , then I do want .
-Hard to get along with . I am quite shy to strangers . No joke man ! =/
-Super egomaniac . I hate saying sorry .
-When I say ILY , I dont actually mean I love you .
-I love those who close to me . Who doesn't ?
-I believe that karma exists .
-I trust people too easy and get hurt easier .
-When I say , I love , I really do and will do everything just to make sure people around me are happy .
-I dont hate . I get mad . But once I hate , it's hard to un-hate . Im sorry , I dont have the Alt+Ctrl+Del button . =)

8 ways to win your heart.
-Have at least a little faith in me .
-Dont say I love you too easy .
-Never give up on me and LOVE ME UNCONDITIONALLY !
-Respect others and ME , of course .
-Romantic is a must you knoww .
-The one who will wipe all the tears , take away all the fears and be the reason I smile =)

6 things you wish you’d never done.
This is going to be so hard .  
-Compulsive and overspending with not-worth-it things
-Believe a stranger too easy , and gave him a chance to break my heart .
-Shouted at my friend when I was in PMS mode .
-Marah Iqbal too frequent even for my own mistakes xD
-I had never got mad that day .
-I wish I had never made a Myspace account .