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Wednesday, February 2

February ♥

Dont worry, I am good =)
used to stuck in two lives , the present and the past . But not anymore . I am now stuck in the middle of the present and the future . I dont want to give a single shit for those who dont need my attention . I dont want to waste a piece of my heart for those who not worth it . And I am not letting even a drop of tear falls because of all the effing bastards who are going to be permanently bastard . Thank you for making it easier sweetheart ,

The starting of Feb is quite depressing, but I am going to be strong enough to face everything . Come and hit me with shits . I dont fucking care anymore . I will bounce back stronger than ever . Credit to my babyboy for being there . And friends . Gawd's sake , I just realize I have plenty of true friends . Thanks lovah . You guys rock ! And keep rocking my soul , please .

-Please let all my family stay safe .
-I want to study harrdddeerrrr .
-I want to survive another month with my boy<3 . Taknak gaduh ye :p
-Be nice and at least make 5 new friends .