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Friday, February 18


Listening too ; One -- Cody simpson
Mood ; Lapaaaaaaa -.-

I'm really sorry for not updating my blog twice a day if i have too , tapiiii perlu ke update bnykbnyk sehari weh ? 
Hahahaha . I'm really busy . Busy with school activities , tuition class , homework and stuff -.-

So today I woke up at 6.25 am . Took my bath , pakai baju sekolah semua then ate my breakfast . I arrived school at 6:58 something , and waited for Shahira and Syazwani . Unfortunetly , they are not coming without texting me or Nana -.- Errr , but its okay :] Forgiven -.-'' Today what we have at school ? Ohh , maulidur rasul :] Like seriously -.-'' sakit duh duduk lama-lama dekat assembly . Dah kena ceramah bagai semua , masuk kelas and starting learnt Science with Mrs. Nora :] Seriously , I really give a damn hell during Science period :( I wonder if Mrs. Suriani were teach 3Orkid :'( Tchr Nora ajar dia paham sendiri :D While me -0- Gahh , I'm hoping I can get A's in pmr for Science subject =D Prays for me , aminnnnn :)