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Sunday, May 15

I'm not yours to keep

So here I am, after one week not to updating ANY post as the past. Yeah, this is currently my quick post before I go bed.  First for all. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY TO ALL MY TEACHERS :* This week currently my hectic week I guess. My mid-term exam will be this Wednesday. Ohmyy-.- What the holly?! So things need to be settle up like ''Foliosss'' is almost done! YIII.  And all preparations for exam, huhh insyallah I'm ready to warr! Harharhar. Nothing much happend today. Yeahh, totally boringggg-.- 

And again, this is horrible! I got fever. Ahh, coughing all the time. Sumpah menyampah ah! Nak exam mesti sakit. Haih-.- Whattheeee. Okay, I have screw up my mind. That I'll delete him from my mind, yaa. It's not that easy. But, I'll keep harder to delete it :) Enough of it, I can survive on my own without any peoples sent me 'iloveyoubaby' ahh shitty. And now, I just realize. Single pun ada bnyk masalah. Tak jadi problem untuk aku survive hidup. Sebab aku tahu, mama babah ada :') And also friends. So, I have grew up already! 

Macam Amirul, he said to me that ''rempit pun boleh hidup lah-.-'' And Imma said it loud? 
Single pun boleh hidup ah!