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Friday, April 22

They Are,

Have you ever felt so sad, so hurt, so depressed that you were at your lowest point? You were crying all night long and no one was there to even calm you down, the only "company" you had were your favourite pillow and blanket. Your head throbs, your heart breaks, you feel worthless as every minute goes by, checking your phone for a simple text but nope, nothing. After hours, his name pops up on your screen. Of course, for a moment there you hesitate. What girl wouldnt hesitate, what girl wouldnt think if she should go back to what made her into such a mess?

And this is what you boys call ego. 

I guess you only see what you want to. You dont see us being just a person with a massive amount of feelings. You dont see us being afraid of getting our hearts split again. Do you even know how scared we are? No, all you think is that one small move of us refusing is ego. Its called fear, idiot. Fear of ever being so weak,of ever being so depressed, fear of being so fucked up like the time you kept me waiting for you. 

When I was crying my eyes out, screaming to my pillow, wishing I would never have to go through another day of life again, where the fuck were you? You will never understand, we may laugh on the outside, try to understand your problems, adjust with your situation, but fucking take a look in our point of view once in a while. Life doesnt only revolve around you. Why should I stay and get myself hurt while you wont even be there to calm me down when I have the chance to walk away while I still can?