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Saturday, April 23

How to get ride of your bf physco ex-gf

Man, I always find myself stuck between this mess.
From what I know, I've never been a boyfriend stealer before. Nor like this girl, harap mak bapak alim. Perangai anak mcam haram-.- Pegi matilah weh!

Let me start with number 1
Definitely KILL her.

No. I'm just joking. Don't want to be famous in a bad way! Imagine " A teenage girl kills her boyfriend's ex for being such a psycho " spreads all over the world. The news paper. Online. BloggerFacebookTwitter. Hahaha. So embarassing weh! Yes, at the same time, I'll be spending about 20-23 years of my life, no.. maybe MY WHOLE LIFE in the jail.. OR worse, death sentence for murdering.


2. Get her a new boyfriend.
I am totally agree with this. But, how? Ahh, let her be. She'll get bored and find herself a new boyfriend. If you're a guy, you know what to do! Go get her! Hahah.

3. Make her jealous.
I know this is pathetic. But, hey come on! What kind of ex doesn't get jealous when they see their ex boyfriend with someone new? Unless, they don't love him anymore, she won't. Don't worry, the psycho type will definitely will. Let me tell you something, if you choose to take this step, act professional. Just go with the flow.

4. Face her.
Tell her everything. A girl-talk could help. If she pick a fight with you or starting to get you on your nerves, start acting! and tell her this..

"Roses are red, Violets are blue, he's for me, not for you, and if by any chance, you take my place, I'll take my hand, and smash your face."

5. Get along with the situation.
Play along with her games. Be smart and professional. You got nothing to lose if you play it well. Remember not to affect your relationship. Plus, You got to make sure that everything you do is harmless or you'll pay for it.

Let's say she text you something like :

" Hey, I saw your boyfriend with another girl. "
" Really? Another girl? You must be mistaken, that girl IS me "

6. Carry on.
You know he loves you, and you love him too, just keep the fact going strong. She'll realize this one day, some day and finally back off.

7. Play the waiting game.
Just wait and see what she's capable of. Let's just hope that she'll give up and move on.

8. Do nothing.
Be careless. Who cares, you got your boyfriend with you now. Just go on with your relationship!

Kau fikir kau dah bagus sngt ah?