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Tuesday, April 26

Hahaha, yayaya-.-

All of sudden, while me was yawning in tuition class. And my eyes full of filter water. Amir shouted

Syaza selalu keseorangan. Kesian dia.

And me,

Hahaha. *laying down*

Lol me-.- I used to be like that lah Amir :) I dont mind kay. I'm tired of the stress that my family, relationship and schools give me like bonus for me. I try to fake a smile but no matter how hard I try this, its not going work at all. I cant stand with all the madness. I try to look past the pain but it takes all over my body. Espeacially my eyes :( It makes my heart pounced with pain, I look at all your pictures and smiled. I read all your old messages, and I cried. I'm tired of living day by day without you. I'm tired to make unreproductive face with you when we meet at school. Seriously :'( Kbyee.

Im so sorry for being so emotional and so possessive. I'm sorry if I do hurts you so many times. I'm sorry for each of the fight. Sorry for being so immatured towards you. But believe me, i love you so much. Na'aah, I cant forget you :( Should I say sorry for that?