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Tuesday, March 22

Sorry From Me :(

So, hi people! I'm not going to school today, great headache! Yeah, cool aite? Haha, so I just staying in this freak house. Ohmy, nak pergi sekolah! Nak amik kertas periksaaaa :( But, it's okay then. Still have tomorrow. Hoping a pretty good result for my Khb. 

Nothing looking good today. Lastnight, urghh-.- Okay, let me just be straight to the point. Zulfiqar Nasha--- Sorry from me :( I know it's my fault. Pleaseee, forgive me :( Prettey pleaseee?

Dear sweetheart,
So, here I am no more fighting. Sumpah taknak! You have experienced to being love, to love and be love, happy, sad. And all these are experience will definitely help you tu grow up. Let's go sweetheart. Have the courage to accept the change. That's it, nothing to be change on us.

I love you Zulfiqar_____________________________♥

Sorry from me :(