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Monday, March 28

Silly Dreamer

Hey, I just got back from tuition. Mhm, and yeah. Wth, Im telling you all this? Gahhh-.- Okay i was suppose to study last night. But I got all hooked up with the computer. I sat there for hours and hours. Its was 2am, and that's when my dad had to say 'dah sudahh sudah, go to sleep' haha whateves. So yeah i went back to my room. I was just on my way to jump on my precious bed, and just fall aslepp just within 3minutes. So, I swore myself to woke up in 4am and study. Tak akan boleh punyalah wehh <----- Syazana said. And guess what. That's is sooo true! Gila apa? Texting sampai tengah malam ada hati nak bangun awal pagi belajar. Choii -.-

School was fine, nothing much to be discover. Pretty much bored. In Science class tuition, probaly Im not paying 100% attention. Raziq non stop bulying me -.- Errr, I was trying my best not to fall asleep. But, I did at last period (BI) Mengantuk gila-.- Tak tahu kenapa duh. Yaa, takling about exam result (ARGH) Nooo, please. Ya allah, sumpah ah teruk kali ni! Okay, Im out of here. Close my blog, because I found that.. This is much bored for you! Kbye.